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YFA 3095



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This film, made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden, documents a trip taken to the East Coast of Yorkshire with some friends. Based in Leeds, the couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-A Ramsden Film

Title-One Man's Meat.

The film opens with a map of Scarborough.

There are shots of Scarborough on a sunny day with views of the people at the beach, riding donkeys, and also at the amusements on the promenade.

Next scene shows Peasholme Park where Cyril and some boys play with a model boat on the pond.

There are a lot of people queuing to get on a bus, and then a shot of two boys, possibly Timothy Fear and his little brother, playing in the sand.

People also gather at a ticket booth for boat trip,s and a group of children gather at a lemonade stand.

Cyril walks along some cliffs by the sea and stops to take in the view. There is a sign for `Hayburn Wyke Hotel'. There is a shot of a stone building and flowers in a field.

In the next scene a woman is picking flowers. Another woman sits outside, winding tickets into a roll. Cyril walks straight past her, and she runs after him as he has to pay before he can walk into `Hayburn Wyke Private Estate'.

There are some scenes of a waterfall and the rough sea together with some shots of seaweed and shellfish on the rocks.

Cyril and his friends wander along the cliffs, and he stops to make a toy sailing boat out of a piece of wood which he cuts to size. He uses a piece of an envelope as the sail before testing the sailboat in a rock pool.

Filmed in slow motion, one of Cyril's female friends jumps off the rocks onto the beach.

Betty and two of her female friends roam around throwing stones into the sea. They find large rocks to use as seats before they wander off into the forest.

The film closes as they walk back to the house at night time.

Title-The End.

Betty and Cyril won a Certificate of Merit from the Leeds Camera Club for the film.