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YFA 5685



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This is an award winning film, Movie Makers Ten Best, by Bill Davison about the disappointment of youthful love.  A young couple, seeking seclusion, walk through the outskirts of an industrial town and along the bank of a drab canal.  They are happily in love and an impressionistic colour sequences takes us into their world of romantic dreams.  But the moment of passion passes and, back once more in the real world, they walk away, seemingly dejected and guilty.  The film was made on location at Leeds Canal Wharf. 

Opening Titles:
WD Presents ‘Once Upon a Sunday’
The girl, Elaine Howden
The boy, Malcolm Anderson
Directed by W Davison

The film begins with a young couple holding hands, walking underneath a bridge as a train passes overhead.  There is an upbeat jazzy score playing in the background.  They continue down a street, chatting, passing an advertising hoarding for Hague Whiskey.  They walk across an iron bridge going over the canal, clearly very happy.  The couple continue along by the canal, past broken railings and debris in the canal, walking past a railway bridge over which passes a train being pulled by a steam locomotive.  

The woman pulls the man to her and they kiss.  They carry on walking through an industrial area.  When they stop they twist around each other at arm’s length, holding hands on a joyous mood.  Here the film turns to colour, and as it does so, a psychedelic sequence follows.  The couple act out various fantasies in a wood to the accompaniment of ‘High in the Sky’ by Amen Corner.  This involves them running through the woods (Brayton Barff), canoodling on the floor, unbuttoning each other’s shirts, and the man dressing up as a knight on horseback.  

At the end of the song, the film then suddenly changes back to black and white.  They are again seated next to the canal lock.  He gets up and walks across the edge of the canal, and they both do up the buttons on their shirts, both looking forlorn.  He leaves, and she eventually gets up and follows him several yards behind.  They walk past the derelict area and again underneath the railway bridge, this time separately.

Intertitle – And they lived  . . . 
A W D Production