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NEFA 18622



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An early ‘local topical’ newsreel of a road race taking place around Blackhill near Consett in County Durham. The film shows the runners coming out of Olympia Hall, probably located down Derwent Street, the race getting underway and the competitors running along Queens Road, Durham Road and Derwent Street watched over by large crowds of spectator’s. The film ends with views of the crowds outside Olympia Hall as seen from a moving vehicle.   

Title: The Olympia Road Race. July 2nd 1926.

Title: The Competitors.

The film opens on a group of young men in running outfits walking out of a hall surrounded by spectators. A large wooden billboard can be seen attached to the building that reads: ‘Olympia. Finest Hall’.

Title: A False Start.

On the road beside Olympia Hall the competitors stand behind a rope waiting for the race to begin. Along both sides of the road are large crowds of spectators. A man stands in the road in front of the competitors.

The rope has been removed and the competitors get ready. Suddenly the front runners start running but come to a sudden stop.

Title: A False Start.

The front runners again start running before immediately stopping.

Title: They’re Off this time.

The race gets underway and the competitors race past the camera. The surrounding crowd surge onto the road and a number of the children run after the competitors.

Title: Coming along Queens Road.

General views of the competitors as they run along the road surrounded by spectators. Coming up at the rear a man rides past on a bicycle.

Title: Durham Road after the first lap.

On a slopping road a woman claps as the competitor’s race past. There are only a few spectators at this location standing on both sides of the road.  

The film cuts to a moving vehicle where there are views of the crowds outside the Olympia Hall.

High angle shot of a group of children stand in front on the camera looking directly into it.

Title: Passing down Derwent Street, second lap.

The competitor’s progress is almost impaired by the encroaching crowds who cheer as they race past.

Title: The Finish.

A large encroaching crowd clap as the competitor run past. A man on a bicycle and a number of children bring up the rear.

General view of a large crowd consisting mainly of flat-cap wearing men who are look directly at the camera.

The film ends with a view of the crowds standing on the road outside the Olympia Hall as seen from a moving vehicle.