Film ID:
YFA 1463



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Part of the Oldridge collection, this film captures one or more weddings in 1931.

The film opens with a collection of guests at a wedding milling around the bride and groom in a large garden, with the church in the background. Several of the guests are posing for the camera. The bride and groom also pose for a photo from the wedding photographer. There are more photographs and guests walking past the camera, some holding their hats on a blustery day. Many of the guests are filmed in close up, laughing and smiling for the camera.

The film switches to another garden, with some girls holding flowers and a woman feeding some birds in a large outdoor aviary. Others walk through a cemetery. Indoors a woman strokes a dog whilst another sits by the fire. The two of them then pose for the camera out in the garden, where others also pose. More is shown of the aviary.

There is a break before we return to the garden with a man tending the flowers and two women leaving the house. A wedding couple, different from the first, leave a church. They are followed by a long line of guests. Back at the house, three bridesmaids arrive and are drinking champagne. Again many of the guests are shown close up outside the church, some pulling funny faces, everyone being very jolly. Back in the garden a small girl has her bridesmaid's dress on.

The newlywed couple then make off in their car, being filmed by another cine camera. Back in the garden a girl winds up her yo-yo. A very brief snatch of a field being ploughed is followed by more people coming out of a church and a newlywed couple getting out of a car, with the groom covered in confetti.