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YFA 4064



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This film consists of four different topics: a soldier's procession and ceremony, the family sitting at home, a trip to the seaside, and a wedding.

The film opens with a marching brass band walking through residential streets in procession. Soldiers march behind the brass band, and two boys and a girl walk alongside the procession and watch it pass. Many more soldiers march in the procession. Uniformed soldiers stand on a platform while they give speeches. They are surrounded by the brass band, spectators and other soldiers. The soldiers walk about the open field surrounded by trees and a building.

A woman sits on a sofa with a little girl and a dog on her lap. A man reaches up onto the dresser to get a small cigarette box.

A man wearing a peaked cap takes a drink from a glass of beer while he is on the top deck of a boat out at sea. A yacht sails next to the boat near the coast line. In the docks two boys sort out ropes on the top deck. Boats and yachts move around in the docks. Two small and one large yachts sail close to each other. Many yachts sail in the harbour and close to the coast line. Two men wearing sailor's uniforms smoke pipes on the top deck. A ferry boat sails past.

Three women and a man walk along the docks linking arms. The man and woman stand together and the sailor stands alone. A woman walks down a ladder from the docks onto the deck of a boat.

A woman wearing a hat and pearls stands near the sea and plays with the dog on the top of the rocks. A man wearing a swimming suit shimmies along a rope ladder above the water.

The man in the living room takes a cigarette out of the box and offers them around.

A bride and groom kiss each other outside the church. A couple kiss each other and become shy. The bride and groom joke with the guests and kiss each other.