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YFA 5973

OLD TIMERS 1966-69


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This film features members of the Hull Auto Club during various rallies in East Yorkshire including Hull and Withernsea and a Vespa Rally in Goole.  Many different makes and models of motorbikes and cars are featured during the different events.  It’s likely the entire film once had an accompanying commentary; however, only sections of the soundtrack remain.   

Title – The Veterans Ride Again

The film opens with a shot of a street running parallel to a railway line, and the Flying Scotsman is coming into the station.  Cars and spectators line the side of the road, and other spectators can be seen watching from the bridge.  (This is possibly in Hull.)

At Ferensway, Hull, members of the Auto Club are gathered in a car park.  There is a man on a motorbike, and others check out the vehicles before they set off for another rally.  Billboard advertisements can be seen in the background.  Each of the riders exits from the carpark, and there are some motorbikes which have sidecars.  As they line up to exit, members of the Club stand by with paperwork, noting their times and details.  There are many different makes and models of motorbikes which take place in the rally on this sunny day.  There is a shot of a VW van with a sign Harry Fenby.  Four men pose for the camera.

Entrance – Westfield Country Club – cars, motorbikes, and many riders and spectators are gathered on a sunny day.  The rally continues, and riders being to depart.  There are a few women who ride on the back of the motorbikes.  They riders drive off down the road which is lined with spectators.  Once the riders have all left, the crowd disperses, and there is a brief shot of the village green.

Competitors are racing around a grass track.  Two riders to a bike race around the circular track, and there are shots of the riders as they finish.  A man is carried away on a stretcher as the ambulance arrives on the field.  This does not stop the other men who continue racing.  Some are aided with a push to get them started.  There are further shots of the riders as they come off the track.

Sign on to of a car – Hull Auto Club Machine Examiner.  More races take place including one for younger boys aged about 10 years old.  Two of the younger boys race together on a smaller motorbike on the grass track.  This section of the film closes with shots of cars parked on the field.  

There is a brief section of what looks like a different event.  A man rides his motorbike, and a brick building can be seen in the background.  It’s an overcast day, and various riders make their way around an obstacle course, weaving back and forth.  Others balance on a plank of wood.  At the end, the club members gather together and smile for the camera.  

Title – Vespa Rally Goole 1968

There are two teams participating in this competition.  The men drive the Vespas around a rectangular box which has been sectioned off.  The women riding on the back of the Vespas have to place paper cups on sticks which have been driven into the ground.  Other events take place in the background.  

Next there is a Judo demonstration for children.  The instructor helps each student to correctly do a front fall with roll.  Elsewhere at the event, two women wearing sunglasses walk towards the camera.  More events are taking place, and some of the riders go over hay and through a shallow patch of water.  A little girl holds a blue balloon filled with helium and with a message attached.  She lets it fly into the air, and the two women in sunglasses do the same with their balloons.  A group of men stand near a tent, and new model Vespas are on display on a small, raised stage.  There is a banner – Vespa Championships, and this section ends with a shot of the crowd.  

Title – It pay’s [sic] to come miles to miles.

At the seafront at Withernsea, men arrive in cars, and a small rollercoaster can be seen in the background as the cars pull into the carpark.  Standing by the boot of the car, two men sort through paperwork for the rally.  More people, including families, arrive with different vehicles including motorbikes with sidecars.  The riders get ready and begin to depart.  There is a shot of a truck with the sign Express Carrier.  The town street at Withernsea is lined with spectators as the vehicles make their way through.  More motorcycles arrive and are parked for display.  

Now the cars which have completed the course return, and a man instructs them where to park.  Individual motorbike riders arrive back and are named by the commentary as they do so.  

Now at a pub, the Club members are all outside in the parking area.  They smile for the camera as it passes, some members inspect paperwork for the rally, and others look at the variety of bikes.  Countryside can be seen in the background.  Bikers begin to set off for another rally.

Title – That’s all for now… hope you enjoyed the show.