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YFA 1242



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This film includes footage of the Middleton Colliery Railway taken by W. Pearson.

Title - pearson pictures presents
Photography Editing and Script W. Pearson.
Commentator J D Bottomley
The oldest railway in the World 1812

There is a book open to a page on which is displayed a picture of Matthew Murray - Pioneer Engineer. This is followed by miniature models of railway pieces moving. Two men make their way towards an entrance of a railway tunnel which has been overgrown with shrubbery. This is followed by a scene of a woman walking around a church yard and near a high tower somewhat in ruin.

At the railway yard, there is footage of the factory. This includes smoke stacks and a few pulley systems. In the train yard, there is a man standing in the control compartment of a steam engine. The train then leave the yard. Two men walk towards the factory, and from outside one of the windows, a coal chute sends coal into a kart. Inside the factory, there is a machine which sifts the coal into different sizes.

In a wood yard, there are stacks of logs. Two workmen use a table saw to cut the logs into planks. There is also a man who fixes a kart. There are more shots of the interior of the factory as well as a shot taken of the yard from high above. The film closes with a train engine backing into the year.

Title - The End Acknowledgements to Nat. Coal Board and Leeds City Museum.