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YFA 5760



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This is a film Doug and Norah Brear of Wakefield Cine Club.  The film features a club outing to Hull, taking a trip across the New Holland, the docks, and outside the Ross fish factory.  The film is accompanied by a whimsical commentary, with a heavy, exaggerated, West Yorkshire accent.

Title – Chaseley Films Present
Title – Oh HULL

The commentary announces that it is early May 1972, as the party of Wakefield Cine Club wander around boats harboured on the Humber before boarding by car the ‘Lincoln Castle’, the New Holland ferry.  Many of them can be seen filming as they cross, going past some docks with cranes.  On the other side of the Humber cargo is taken on board.  They pass a trawler going out to sea on their way back.  After getting off they visit other docks, and we see a line of tugs, showing their names: the Yorkshireman, Superman, Norman and The Scotsman.  A ship, the Narbank, comes into the River Hull.  They then go to the Ross fish factory, where they stand outside wearing the factory clothing along with employees.  Then on to St Andrew’s fish docks, where one trawler is taking on ice, and another has ropes spliced together.  They take a look around one of the trawlers and film more of the docks before the film comes to an end.

Title – The End.