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NEFA 21392



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Miscellaneous footage and outtakes in the collection of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA), filmed between the 1930s and 1960s. Includes film of a Christmas performance on stage at the cine club’s headquarters down Ship’s Entry, Newcastle upon Tyne, and various caravan footage, including a trip to Whitley Bay and a Caravan Club of Gt Britain and Ireland event at a racecourse.

[Black and white footage]

Brief shots of people on Newcastle streets decorated with bunting and flags during the week’s celebration for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, a sign pointing towards a garden party event. Trolleybuses drive down one street, probably Northumberland Street.

Travelling shots along a bustling River Tyne during World War Two. Steam tug boats are lined up on the river, including the Francis Batey in the service of the Admiralty, and a Royal New Zealand Navy ship alongside.

Brief travelling shot down Oxford Street, London.

A motorcycle and sidecar drives by a stone cottage along a country road.

A steam train passes through a country railway station, gas lamps still on the platform.

In the 1930s, caravans are parked on the cliffs north of St Mary’s Island, near the seaside resort of Whitley Bay, the lighthouse visible on the island. A few children are running around at the site. A sign reads “Caravan Club of Gt Britain and Ireland”. A woman is taking down the curtains in a caravan, shaking down a mat and sweeping up at the doorstep of the caravan. Two women carry out bedding from the caravan. The visitors drive away with the caravan in tow. General view of caravans at the site.

The next shots are of classic cars being transported or driven away, probably after a vintage car rally. A car also drives by towing a caravan. A caravan is parked up down the high street of a market town. Caravans are parked at another site. Some people are rowed across the river on old chain ferry at Stratford upon Avon.

A boy plays football on a field bordered by grandstands, probably a racecourse. Caravans are parked in a row at the edge of the field. The Caravan Club of Gt Britain and Ireland are holding an event at the racecourse. A driver towing a caravan is put through its paces at the event, manoeuvring around a course.

The same caravan and driver is directed into a parking spot. Brief shot of a car packed up with deckchairs, and luggage on the roof rack.

A steam ferry sails on a lake in Scotland. (?)

A man shears a sheep.

Two elderly women and a man have tea in their caravan, at a campsite. The caravan is driven by the coast and through countryside. A towel flaps on a washing line outside the parked caravan.

Very brief shot of a Lady Mayoress giving a speech.

[Colour footage]

Brief shot of a motorcycle speedway event.

Children play on a roundabout and witches hat swings in a playground, probably in Walker Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.

[Colour footage - faded]

Sequence filmed by Peter Beatty, a member of Newcastle ACA, of the Venture stage coach (owned by Mr. Priestman of Shotley Bridge), probably re-enacting the original journey of the old mail coach from Shotley Bridge to Newcastle via Blanchland. Horses are ridden and led out of a country house stables, and are hitched up to a 19th century coach. The coach is ridden out of the drive carrying a woman passenger and gentlemen in a bowler hat, a guard in charge wearing scarlet and gold livery, blowing a traditional long brass horn in the rear. The coach rides down a road, pulled by a team of horses, and is overtaken by a motorcycle. Travelling shots from the coach show the costumed guard now driving the coach from one of the front-coupled horses. There are close-ups of the coach wheels and horses’ hooves, as the coach tears along the road. The coach passes a crossroads signpost with directions of 14½ miles to Newcastle Central and Shotley Bridge Station 1½ miles, a man in a flat cap watching as they pass. The coach continues through the countryside. The two front horses are then unhitched and wait on a grass verge with the uniformed rider.

[Black and white footage]

Clapperboards announce various takes in a Newcastle & District ACA production of ‘Sound … And Effect’’ in 1964.

The next sequence records a brief Christmas comedy performance, filmed at the Newcastle ACA cine club at Ship’s Entry in the late 1950s.

Title: The Chairman Xmas Box

A present and Xmas card are left for a young Chairman on a table in the screening hall of the Newcastle ACA headquarters, a small group of members seated in the hall, probably a staged filmmaking opportunity for the cine club. The ‘Chairman’ arrives (acted by Ian Davidson) and begins to open up the present, tied with string, whilst members watch. Portrait shot of the ‘Chairman’ looking shocked, (s the present supposedly explodes). The members burst out laughing uproariously. The Chairman reads the card: “We Blow Up 8m/m also”. He laughs and bows to the audience.

Title: The End