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YFA 5948



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This is one of many films made by amateur filmmaker John (Jack) E Dyson of Leeds.  This shows a day out at Cragg Vale, Yorkshire, a family Christmas at home, and a new-born baby, Andrew Jeremy.

Title – Photography by J E Dyson
Title – Odd shots of 1955
Title – November pleasant but very cold.

The film begins with a man walking with a dog and pushing a baby in a pram next to a stream.  They stop next to a road sign which reads, “Mytholmroyd  3 ½ miles, Halifax 9 ½ miles.”  They continue walking along a country road.  

Guy Fawkes celebrations - there is a small bonfire with some of the people gathered around adding more timber to it.  Both adults and children watch a fireworks display and what looks like chestnuts are being offered around.

Title – Merry Xmas and a jolly good feed

There is a view across snowy rooftops towards hills and fields, with a church in the foreground.  Indoors David unwraps presents including a large duck for the bath.  He also gets a picture book of farm animals.  The toys, including a spinning top, are put on display.  A small child is seated in a high chair with the family around the table and a coal fire in the background.  The turkey is brought in for carving.

Title – The year has rolled on and David at 2 ½ has made a couple of pals.  

David sits on the floor with two other small boys looking at picture books.  Mother sits in front of the fire.  A small child is seated in a highchair, and there are Christmas cards on the mantelpiece.  The boys are playing with a puppy, and a Rupert Annual is displayed for the camera.  One of the boys, possibly David, takes something off the Christmas tree while adults fuss over the child in the highchair.

Title – Beginners luck!?  A Dyson Enterprise.  Introducing Andrew Jeremy.

It’s September 1956 and mother lays in bed.  The film is intercut with images of a windswept tree, a dog, and baby powder.  Then the mother sits up in bed with her new-born baby, Andrew now two days old.  She gives the baby to David, also seated on the bed, to hold.