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YFA 5436



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This is a film made by Ken Clough as a member of the York section of the supporters of the North York Moors Railway.  The film is one of many annual summaries featuring events relating to the NYMR.  It includes the special train to commemorate the first horse drawn train on the line, the cavalcade to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Stockton and Darlington line, and the opening of the National Railway Museum.

The film begins with the narrator speaking to the camera outlining the events of 1975 that the film is to show.  The steam locomotive Black Five, ‘Eric Treacy’ (45428) pulls a train along the line between Pickering and Grossmont, around the great curve at Newton Dale, followed by a diesel multiple unit.  An LNER train arrives in Pickering double headed by K1 and P3 engines, with passengers boarding and alighting, and many enthusiasts taking photos.  It does some complicated shunting to turn around, with the points being operated by Ken Saunders.  400 passengers board for the return journey.

The narrator speaks to the camera, now giving an account of a special train running from Whitby to Pickering to mark the 140th anniversary of the very first horse drawn train on the line, on the same day, 8th June in 1835.  A group of photographers, including John Boyd, take photos of K1 engine (2005) at Whitby.  The train pulls off from Whitby station.  At Grossmont it is joined locomotive ‘Eric Treacy’. Passengers wait on Pickering station as the train arrives, with the station foreman, Jack Neal, and ticket-collector, John Hassler.  Passengers alight and look around the souvenir stall.  The train is seen pulling out again filmed from above.

Again the narrator talks to camera, this time about the “great cavalcade”. On August 31st, when 150,000 people came out at Heighington to see a replica of Locomotion No. 1, the first steam locomotive to carry passengers on a public rail line.  The rest of the cavalcade is shown, as all the locomotives on display drive past, and also showing shots of the crowd.

In the final section of the newsreel, the narrator gives an account of the opening of the National Railway Museum  in York.  200 people wait on No. 8 platform for the Duke of Edinburgh to arrive.  He greets various dignitaries and is driven to the Museum.  Guests from the delayed prototype from London arrive just before the Duke.  Inside the Museum, visitors look around at the 25 locos on display.  After the opening ceremony the Duke goes outside to inspect Loco No. 1. and takes the controls of 4771, with John Bellwood.  The film finishes showing the Flying Scotsman pulling a train.