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YFA 188



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This is a film made by Ken Clough as a member of the York section of the supporters of the North York Moors Railway.  It is one of many annual summaries of events relating to the NYMR.

Title – N & KC Production 1973
Title – NYMR News

The film opens showing locomotive NER P3 No 2392 hauling a train under a Darnholm bridge. The narration explains that this is the hardest working engine on the line. Workmen are busy doing up Pickering Station in preparation for the opening.  Three volunteers are painting the roof.  On 29th September, volunteers are loading over 4 tons of waste paper at the station onto a lorry bound for Burnley, in return for a cheque for £48.37p.  In a garden in York a fire pump, donated to the railway by Rowntrees, is being readied for use.

Intertitle – A Tilley Night

At night, York volunteers are doing maintenance work on the track.  They are replacing wooden keys with steel spring ones.  The film switches again to Sunday, 30th September, when steam runs for the first time in many years on the line.  Sightseers are gathered on Pickering station, including Frank Turner, a senior member of the NYMR group, as the Flying Scotsman arrives from York.

The End.