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YFA 5506



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This film shows excerpts from a children’s production of Noye’s Fludde performed in front of the Great West door of Beverley Minster.

Children arrive at the Minster in costume, each holding a placard of the animal they are representing.  The play is being performed in front of the Great West door of the Minster, with God showing a model of the boat that Noah has to build.  Noah takes the model and starts to build the boat.  The children, each carrying a placard representing the animals, then go into the boat.  There is a comic scene before a child, representing a dove, is sent off to find land.  The white dove is sent off again, and this time returns.

Intertitle – After the flood abates .  .    .

Noah talks to God, and the people leave the boat and kneel to pray.  They lead the animals off the boat, and the children representing the animals line up in front of the door, followed by members of the production team on the stage and then the actors.

The End.