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YFA 327



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a holiday to Norway and Venice. Chislett is accompanied by his wife, Grace, and the film features scenic views of their travels.

The film begins with a boat trip along the Norwegian coast, passing a rowing boat and other ships.

Intertitle - A mid-fjord Clapham Junction materialises

A boat pulls alongside the one they are on, and they change boats. Their destination is Slinde Balestrand. There is more film of the coast.

Intertitle - The story of an eight hour scramble from Mundal

The next stage of their journey is inland; first on a horse drawn cart and then on foot up a mountain led by a mountaineer carrying climbing ropes. They go high up, surveying the surrounding mountain tops. Once they get to a certain point the mountaineer ties them all together with the rope. They make their way over shale and across the snow covered and icy peak. The mountaineer is accompanied by a dog. They stop to eat and slide down the snow on their way back down. At the bottom they arrive at some timber buildings next to a lake.

The next part of the film begins with a map of Venice, with a pencil pointing out the route that they take on their trip, beginning with a ride along the Grand Canal and along some other canals, filming the buildings and other boats along the way. They disembark at the Albergo Gabrielli.

Intertitle - Next morning at 6 am

Looking across at the San Giorgio Maggiore they film the boats and ships coming in and going out. The next stage of their holiday is again pointed out on the map travelling back along the Grand Canal, filming the boats and architecture as they go on their journey. After the boat trip they explore Venice on foot, the side streets and squares, canals and bridges. The film ends with sunset over the San Giorgio Maggiore.