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YFA 2461



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This is a film of the Kemp family on holiday in Norway, just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Title – Norway 1939

They board a ship for Norway.

Intertitle – The Fiords.

The ship travels along the coast, and the film shows the holidaymakers sat on deck looking out.  They are next at the accommodation where they are staying, near farmers and bundles of hay in the fields.  They film the local scenery: a waterfall, a ferry going across a lake, mountain goats, boats, a horse and cart.  Three boys push a large toy tractor.  A woman sits by a lake, and they walk along a mountain path to a house [similar to the one that the Chislett’s stayed in, film 336].

Intertitle – Josterdal Glacier

The glacial valley is shown, with a waterfall, a lake and ice lined caves.  They all pose for the Camera in the veranda of a house.  A woman in a white apron runs across in front of the camera.  A woman walks over a footbridge over a river.

Intertitle – River in flood

There is a raging river, and then some people near a bus.

Intertitle – Leaving Bergen

People are milling about the dockside, with crates and other goods.  Some workers are boxing up fish.  There is a view of the town from the sea.  Two ships are in dock.

Title – The End