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NEFA 21485



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A sponsored film produced by William Gray & Company Ltd, West Hartlepool, of the launch on 21 October 1949 of the cargo ship S.S.Irish Hazel for Irish Shipping Ltd, Dublin from Central Dock.

Special guests climb the steps to the launch platform at William Gray & Company's shipyard along with a priest. One of the women guests wears a leopard fur coat and beret.In the background, people are beginning to arrive at the yard to watch the launch, including a troupe of schoolboys.

Mrs P. McGilligan is presented with a bouquet of flowers. Guests await the blessing performed by the priest.

Title: Blessing by the Rev. Francis Dunne, MA. '... send thy holy angel from heaven to guard this ship ...'

The priest blesses the ship and splashes holy water on the bow. Photographers walk over as Mrs P. McGilligan gets in position for the christening.

Title: Christening by Mrs P. McGilligan. '... success to the Irish Hazel'

She and William Gray (?) pose for cameramen. She is instructed on how to aim the bottle against the hull of the ship. The bottle is launched at the ship's bow.

General view of the Irish Hazel follows. The ship moves down the slipways, towering above the yard. [Dark footage] Focus at water level on the ship moving. 

Guests are delighted and smiling as they watch from the launch platform. A man puts one of the bouquet flowers in his lapel buttonhole. Guests mill around and chat. General view of the ship in the dock. Then back to the launch platform and the guests. 

General view down the slipways of Yard No. 1233 as Irish Hazel is manoevered by tug boats. Guests continue to socialise on the launch platform.

The guests beging to leave the yard and conversations are had.

General view of the length of the cargo ship.

Title: Vessel built & film produced by William Gray & Co. Ltd, West Hartlepool.