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YFA 5238



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This is a film made by John Edward (‘Ted’) Warburton, a member of Halifax Cine Club, of a family holiday to Northumbria in 1957.  They visit many of the tourist attractions of the county, including Brunton Castle, Beadnell Bay, Bamburgh, Crumstone, Farne Islands and Holy Island.

Title, ‘Northumbrian Memories’, displayed over a map of the Farne Island.
Title – Photographed and Produced by J E Warburton.

The film begins with a car journey being filmed from the front seat along a country road.

Intertitle – Travelling north we called at Hexham to see the Abbey.

They tour the Abbey, setting out from a nearby car park.  There is a sign for ‘The Moot Hall, housing the Brough Library’.  They then continue on their car journey.

Intertitle – On to Chollerford where we visited the site of Chesters and Brunton Castle on Hadrian’s Wall.

They look at the exhibits in a museum, after which two women and a man tour some ruins, there is a sign for ‘North Gateway’, and then on to the Brunton Turrent of the Roman Wall.  They continue their car journey.

Intertitle –  Beadnell Bay is another ideal resort but evidences the tragedy of storm at sea.

People are paddling in the sea at the bay where boats are moored.  A broken ship lies derelict and rusting on the rocks.  They continue their car journey.

Intertitle – Bamburgh is a quiet seaside hamlet boasting a glorious castle and pleasing beach.

The group walk over the rocks on the coast, where a boy peers into the pools of water.  They visit the castle, and see an antelope painted on the side of a rock. 

Intertitle – The Chillingham herd of white cattle roams 600 acres of Lord Tankerville’s estate.  This pedigree white herd is wild – wild since the days of the Druids.

A sign points to the cattle in a field, which they then visit and film.  

Intertitle – Seahouses, a thriving little fishing port, is also the starting point for the Farne Islands.

They wander around the harbour where the fishing boats are moored, some having returned with their catch, and with lines of crab boxes.

Intertitle – On our way to see the birds breeding on Staple Isles we passed Brownman and the Longtone Light, both part of the history of Grace Darling.

They take a boat trip out to sea, passing a red and white striped lighthouse.  A map shows their destination of the Farne Islands.  They pass an old house on one of the small islands, and rocks covered in cormorants and other sea birds.  They stop off on one of the islands and film several nests with eggs in them.  They continue their boat journey.

Intertitle – Crumstone is the breeding ground of the grey seal.

They pass dozens of seals swimming in the sea near to the island.  They then visit the Abbey on Lindasfarne and the other ruins on Holy Island, including the Priory.  They move on to Houseteads Roman Fort and walk around the site as the film comes to a close.

Title – The End