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A report on women’s professional wrestling for the Tyne Tees Television Northern Life news magazine programme broadcast on 16 September 1976. The piece features interviews with British professional, and former British and European Ladies Champion, Mitzi Mueller and her opponent Lolita Loren (?) (real name Chrissy Thompson) who take part in a Brian Dixon All Star Wrestling promotional tour in Newcastle upon Tyne. Includes fight footage and vox pop with a man in the audience.

Brief shot of Mitzi Mueller and Lolita Loren (?) in the ring at the start of their fight. Mueller kisses the referee on the cheek before both competitors go to their corners.

Interview with Mitzi Mueller. The reporter asks about attitudes to young women wrestling. Mueller thinks some people are ‘so square and behind the times’. The reporter then repeats allegations that girl wrestlers lose their temper more easily than the men and that they tend to get carried away in the ring. She asks Mueller if she ever loses her temper. The wrestler answers no with a smile.

Wrestling match footage follows with Mueller given a public warning by the referee for rule breaking after a move against Loren.

Interview with a deadpan Lolita Loren, a top villain from the 1970s and 80s. The reporter asks whether it upsets her that the audience were booing her during the fight that night. Loren replies that she is used to it by now. The reporter wants to know if she always plays the role of the baddie. The wrestler says no, its just when she gets annoyed. And she gets annoyed every fight. ‘I go out to kill actually.’

Overhead view of the wrestling ring and audience as Lolita Loren winds up the audience, and the audience jeer back at her.

Asked what she thinks of the English audience, Loren says they are very arrogant. They throw chairs, umbrellas, pint pots. She has received more lumps on her head from punters than in the wrestling ring.

More wrestling match action between the two competitors follows. Loren is floored and released, and a count of 10 begins by the referee.

Mueller is interviewed and asked if the match is fixed, with a ‘goodie’ and a ‘baddie’. Mueller retorts that they are not fixed. She has been in hospital three times.

Mueller again manages to floor her opponent in the ring during the match.

Vox pop with three men who watched the match between Mitzi Mueller and Lolita Loren that night. They are asked what they think about women’s wrestling and if they have seen it before. One man with sideburns thinks it was great. It was his first time and he will be coming again. He thinks it was fascinating, very exciting and better then men’s wrestling. When asked why that is, he jokes that you ‘see more’. The three men laugh.