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Tyne Tees Television Northern Life news report on a strike over pay at the Fashion Industries factory, Moreland Street, West Hartlepool.  Includes footage of women workers and trades union supporters picketing outside the factory and interviews with union representatives. Peter Holland reports. This item was originally broadcast on 9 May 1977.

A hired bus arrives carrying five members of staff who are not on strike and women applying for jobs at the Fashion Industries factory, Moreland Street, Hartlepool. The bus is met by a picket line of most of the striking machinists, 12 days into a strike over weekly pay. Police patrol the picket line. Many pickets are carrying GMWU placards. Women who continue to work or applicants for the strikers' jobs walk through the strikers. More than 220 of the staff have walked out over the pay dispute. A bunch of young machinists (wearing 70s platform shoes) march towards and past camera carrying union placards and singing 'We shall not be moved'.

Holland talks to shop stewards about their demands. Close-up of an advert placed in a local newspaper by Fashion Industries calling for sewing machinists, pressers, cutters, passers and pleaters to replace workers who have been dismissed. It states 'excellent rates of pay'.

Sacked workers and their supporters protest outside the factory warehouse. Supporters come from trades councils all over the county. The local branch secretary of the women's trade council, Olga Meene, explains why the women have taken strike action and details steps in the negotiations with 'difficult' management. In response, they have called on all trades unionists in Durham County to support the workers at Fashion Industries.

Reporter piece to camera about the business, which was established in Hartlepool 8 years ago and makes clothes for Marks and Spencers and mail order firms. The management won't speak to Holland but he understands that 16 people have got through the picket line to apply for vacancies. Anyone approaching the factory meets with a noisy reception.