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Tyne Tees Television filmed interview with an ex-prisoner about the hardships and brutality of prison and the failure to assist rehabilitation and life after release, broadcast on Northern Life on 20 September 1976. Roderick Griffiths reports.

Roderick Griffiths interviews an ex-convict after his release from prison. As he smokes a cigarette, the man talks about the overcrowding in prison, the prison officers doing so much overtime that they fall asleep in their guardroom during watch, the good and sadistic prison officers, violence including prisoners beaten by gangs of officers. He gives his opinion on wives staying overnight with their husbands in jail, which he thinks a good idea as it would cut down on homosexual relationships in prison. The ex-prisoner also feels there is no programme of rehabilitation and very little help for released prisoners to turn their lives of crime around. He talks about wanting to go back to prison as it is the only home that he knows. All his friends are there. He is not used to life outside prison.