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NEFA 21974



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Tyne Tees TV sports presenter Ian Edwards covers the Newcastle United football squad’s emotional visit to the Wilkinson Sword factory in Cramlington with manager Joe Harvey in the week after their FA Cup final defeat at Wembley on Saturday 4 May 1974. This filmed report was broadcast on the regional news programme Northern Life a few years later on 5 January 1977.

A crowd of football fans and Wilkinson Sword workers gathers outside the Cramlington factory for the visit of the Newcastle United football team. Some people are dressed in the team colours of black and white, wear rosettes and other football fan paraphernalia. The reporter’s voice-over comments that they ‘spent the evening preparing these carnival concoctions to impress the players’.

The Mayor’s wife arrives in a chauffeur-driven car and enters the Wilkinson Sword factory. Some male employees are on the flat roof of the factory with a good view of the footballers’ arrival.

On their arrival, manager Joe Harvey leads the footballers through the cheering crowds on their way to the factory entrance. The players clap the crowds, acknowledging the warm reception they receive. The Mayor and his wife await their arrival. Some teenage girl fans wave their Newcastle United scarves in greeting. The players stand outside the factory for a while taking in the rapturous welcome. The players include Terry McDermott, Pat Howard, Bob Moncur and Malcolm Macdonald. High angle view of the crowd and players follows. The crowd are a sea of blue work overalls and Newcastle United fans sporting the team colours in a variety of ways.

One of the footballers gives a fan his autograph. Some of the players look overwhelmed by the passionate reception. The reporter comments that ‘One or two of them seem to cry unashamedly.’

General view of the crowd. The players now pick their way through the crowd who clap, cheer and slap them on the back. The footballers head into the Wilkinson Sword factory for the formal presentation. A man in the crowd holds up a scarf proclaiming ‘Super-Mac’. The players continue to stop and sign their autographs for fans. A gaggle of children chant the nickname of their footballing hero ‘Supermac’, the player Malcolm Macdonald. Some of the crowd start to sing the Geordie anthem, ‘The Blaydon Races’.

Inside the factory, Derek Teasdale presents the team's captain Bob Moncur with a sword made by Wilkinson Sword and reads out the inscription ‘Presented to Newcastle United Football Club By Wilkinson Sword Limited May 1974’. The guests clap and the player shakes hands with Mr Teasdale. Moncur makes a thank you speech. The guests applaud. Close-up of the player holding the sword.

Along a corridor at the factory, the doors and windows are decorated with the letters of footballers’ names: Alan Kennedy, Pat Howard, Bob Moncur, ‘AAD Joe, Terry Hibbitt, Frank Clark, Tom Gibb, Terry McDermott, Tom Cassidy and a ‘Howay the Lads’. The slogans ‘Magnificent Magpies’, ‘Welcome to Harvey’s Heroes’ and ‘Supermac burns the grass’ are spelled out on card hanging from the factory workshop ceilings. Still of a handmade poster of the team, with player portraits and ‘United for the Cup’ slogan.

The Newcastle United players and their manager Joe Harvey tour the factory with the Mayor and Wilkinson Sword representatives. Some of the machinery is painted specially in black and white. Workers can be heard cheering in the background. Again, one of the players signs his autograph. Other players are watching the machines operating.

Interview with Derek Teasdale, wearing a Newcastle United rosette, in front of a poster celebrating Newcastle United in the FA Cup 1974. The reporter asks if the tour was spontaneous or an organised event. Teasdale says that the staff knew the team were visiting and they were given a free hand to decorate the Cramlington factory as they wished.

One of the factory representatives speaks to Malcolm Macdonald. Another player poses for photographs with two women workers at the factory. They both kiss him on the cheek a few times. Another woman joins them, dressed in tails and a top hat decorated in the Newcastle United team colours. One of the women kisses the player again on the lips. Some of their work colleagues take snaps with their Instamatic cameras.

General view of the decorated factory workshop and players signing autographs for some of the staff.

The camera tracks through a factory workshop where a row of female workers are sorting packaged razor blades and pushing them onto a moving belt conveyor. One of the workers wearing a Newcastle United sash chats to some of the players.

Some of the women grab Malcolm Macdonald and fling a black and white handmade garland around his neck. In voice-over the presenter says: ‘They were kissed. They were cuddled. And they were smothered. Especially Malcolm Macdonald. All of this just because he can kick a ball better than most of us.’ He comments on the tremendous quality of the people in the area who still support their defeated team in style. Inside the factory, a banner proclaims ‘Win or Lose United We Stand’.