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NEFA 22041



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Filmed Tyne Tees Television news insert about the damage caused to a house in Sunderland by a gang of football hooligans, originally broadcast on Northern Life on 20 September 1976. Roderick Griffiths interviews the woman owner of the house about her experience.

The report opens with general views of damage at the house by football hooligans in Sunderland, including smashed plant pots in the garden, missing glass in the downstairs window, polythene covering the missing glass.

Interview with owner who encountered the six football fans inside her front room. The room was in a shambles and the table was overturned. A concrete slab was thrown through the window.

The reporter asks what action she and her husband took when the hooligans rushed past her. She said she chased them up the street to the top of the road, but the fans all looked the same so she lost track of them. She says that no one came to her aid.