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This is the second part of a four part film highlighting major tourist sites in Northern Ireland (the first and last parts are missing).  The film follows two couples as they visit, among other places, the Belfast Ropeworks Company, Bellevue, Hazlewood, Belfast Lough, Whitehead and Carrickfergus.

Intertitle – Belfast also makes ropes and the Ropework largest factory is the largest in the world. 

A large factory floor has lines of women on either side all busily making rope at machines.  A man loads rope onto a coil.

Intertitle – Made from hemp, all kinds and sizes of ropes are produced; the large size ropes are used mostly for towing purposes.

A man and a woman inspect a large reel of very thick rope. 

Intertitle – Adjoining the Queen’s University are the Botanical Gardens Park.

People are playing in the gardens, while others are relaxing and walking through the Gardens.  

Intertitle – Many sub-tropical trees and shrubs bear witness to the mild climate.

The couple look at many of the plants.

Intertitle – In the Gardens is a statue of Lord Kelvin the world famous scientist who was born in Belfast.

The statue is shown.

Intertitle – Belfast Museum and Art Gallery is of modern design.  Amongst the exhibits are many unique items connected with the linen industry.

The outside of the building is shown.  

Intertitle – Bellevue and Hazlewood situated on the slopes of Cave Hill command extensive views.

The views are shown.

Intertitle – Belfast Lough and places of interest to be seen from the hill are indicated on the pillar.

The couple lean on the pillar admiring the view.  Another couple sit on a bench looking at a guide book.

Intertitle – Dancing and entertainments are held in the floral Hall and amusements of various kinds will be found in the extensive gardens.

There is a brief view of people walking away from the Hall.

Intertitle – Bellevue Zoo has a comprehensive collection of animals and birds and attracts many visitors.

The couple walk around the zoo looking at the animals and hold a lion cub.

Intertitle – On 12th July, members of the Orange Order celebrate the Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.

A large march, with banners and pipers, heads towards Belfast City Hall.

Intertitle – The Belfast procession marches through the principal streets of the city.

More film of the march.

Intertitle – York Road Station is the Headquarters of the LMS Northern Counties Committee which serves by rail the principal holiday resorts of interest in Northern Ireland.

Cars are shown arriving at the station, which has a large advertisement hoarding above it: “Did you Maclean your teeth today?”

Intertitle – The Midland Hotel adjoining is Belfast’s leading Hotel.

The outside of the hotel is seen and then the station forecourt, with passengers waiting.

Intertitle – A few miles from Belfast the NCC main line passes over Greenisland Viaduct.

This is the largest reinforced concrete viaduct in the British Isles. Trains are shown passing over and under the viaduct, including a very modern looking diesel train.

Intertitle – Carrickfergus is an ancient town on the shores of Belfast Lough.

A view of the town shows the Anchor Inn, and the couple stand near an old castle.

Intertitle – Carrickfergus Castle is one of the most historic places in Co. Antrim and was commenced in the 12th century.

There are views of the Castle.

Intertitle – The Castle is now a National Monument and Museum.

The couple walk around the castle and there is a sign commemorating the landing of William of Orange there in 1690.

Intertitle – Whitehead is a popular holiday resort, occupying a fine position at the mouth of Belfast Lough. Holidaymakers walk along the sea front.

Intertitle – In addition to all the amenities of a modern resort there is a fine bathing pool.

People swim in the outdoor pool, with a man filmed diving in in slow motion.

Intertitle – Whitehead is the Headquarters of the Co. of Antrim Yacht Club and sailing events are held during the season.

A yacht passes, with a liner in the distance.  There are other yachts and small boats.

Intertitle – Near to Whitehead is “The Gobbins” bold precipitation cliffs on the eastern shore of Island Magee.

The couple walk around the edge of the rock.

Intertitle – A marine path constructed by the Northern Counties Committee enables the visitor to explore this remarkable coast.

The couple continue along the path, looking down at the sea.

Intertitle – Penetrated by numerous caves, and the home of great flocks of sea birds, these great cliffs of basalt rise sheer from the sea.

The couple continue, going up steps and across a walk bridge designed as a tunnel. 

End of Pt 2

One minute interval