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An amateur film by W. Stogdale of the Cleveland Cine Club of the caves, beach and cliffs at Blackhall Rocks on the Co. Durham coast between Horden and Hartlepool.

Credit: Cincity Presents

Credit: A Hardwick Production

Title: Northern Heritage

Title: A Documentary

Title: In Prinzcolour

Credit: Directed by W. Stogdale

Title: Between the rivers Wear and Tees lies the village of Blackhall Rocks

Title: Noted for its caves

The film opens inside a small cave within the cliffs at Blackhall Rocks looking out to the beach and sea in the distance.  General views of both the sandy beach at low tide and views looking up through the rocky cliffs inside the cave.

On the beach views of the sand and rocky shoreline. In the distance people walking along the beach near the surf. Waves crash on the sand and rocky shoreline.

Two people on horseback ride along the beach. More general views show the beach, shoreline, and large rocky outcrop. Children swim in a natural sea pool near to the shoreline.  

A young boy stands beside the cliffs. In the distance, people splash around in the sea.

From the clifftop, views look back down onto the beach and of wild flowers and grasses growing in the sand. A number of people walk along the beach. The film ends with more general views of the beach.