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YFA 1983



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton.

Title-The Northern Counties O.H. 1937.

Title-John Riddell, Deputy Master, Harry Davies, Huntsman.

Title-At Catterick R. Swale.

The film opens with some men in shirts and waist coats and carrying long sticks, walking along a field with a pack of hounds. Further shots of other men and a woman walking around the rough grass in the field.

Title-C J Dixon Johnson, Yorks Hon Sec.

They hunting party walk around some more.

Title-The Misses McQuistan & Capt. Burrill Robinson.

Title-Above Masham R. Ure.

A man sits down on some steps with two women who appear to be twins. They all hold long sticks and are smiling at the camera and at each other.

Title-Above Masham R. Ure.


There is a shot of a dog lying on the grass.


A dog sits in the grass.




The previous few shots are of specific dogs in the pack.

Title-Northern Counties O H on R. Tweed July 1938.

Title-At Norham Bridge Harry Davies & R. Stock.

Two men in the uniform red coats, walk towards the camera with long sticks and the pack of hounds at their heels.

Title-The Caul above Dreeper Island.

The camera pans along a river and takes a shot from up high looking down at the water.

Title-A meet at Twizel Station Mrs Riddell & Messrs Bell, Stock, Paisley, H. Davies & John Riddell.

Men and women stand around in a field talking while the dogs sniff around in the grass. Then there is a long shot of the dogs swimming the river.

Title-On Dreeper Island David Hichet with John R.

Two men stand on a half-submerged log, while the dogs run out of the lake and into the bushes. In the next shot they are digging at the soil on the bank.


Lingering shot of the dog.


Another dog from the pack.

All of the hunt members wade into the river and across to the trees on the other side.

Title-At Edenam House Hotel, Kelso Dorothy and FSHW.

A woman sits on a fence swinging her legs and looking at the camera.

Mr Folliott-Ward walks across some grass towards the camera.

Title-On R. Tees High Conniscliff to Cainsford 2 Aug 1938.

Title-Daphne Moore of Hawkstone O.H.

A woman stands looking at the camera and carries one of the long sticks in her hand. In the following scene the men and women from the party wade across a river using their sticks to help them.

Title-At Stanwick Arms Aldbro' St. John.

The hounds have gathered in a farm yard and are eating from a trough on the ground.

Title-On Cod Beck Topcliffe Aug 1938.

Some of the hounds stand in the water cooling off.

Title-NCOH at Middleham July 1939.

Title-John Riddell, Robert Riddell, D. Paisley, R. Stock, S.W. Tidmarsh.

In the next shot the hunts master is standing beside a field and is surrounded by the hounds; he pets some of them.


There is a shot of the dog standing in front of the camera.


There is another shot of a dog and this is followed by a shot taken from the end of a country road watching the hounds and huntsmen walk towards the camera.

Title-NCOH on R. Tweed July 1939.

Title-Otter Venting below Union Bridge.

Shot from some distance away looking onto the lake with the hounds in the water.

Title-Lady Furness & daughter receiving trophy.

A little girl, two women and a man are in a hunting uniform and are standing in front of a field of long grass.

Title-Planet, living successor to Random?

The dog looks at the camera, sniffs around the front of a car and bounds off.


A dog lies on the ground.

Title-The Kendal O.H.

Title-Above Walshford Bridge R. Nidd July 1937.

In the next scene the river can be seen and man and hounds walk along the bank.

Title-Chas. Kitchener Huntsman.

Some men and dogs walk along a field.

Title-C A Wilson Hon Sec with Crampton & Benson.

A group of the men and their dogs stop and wait outside gates to what appears to be an estate.

Title-Above Kirkby Lonsdale R. Lune.

Title-Ruler and Chaser.

There are more shots of two of the dogs.

Title-From the `Dartmoor'.

Title-the Border Counties O.H.

Title-Meet at Middlewich R. Dane 1937.

The hounds are all in a huddle and then a man wades across a river with another dog in tow.

Title-Victor Threadgold, Huntsman.

A line of huntsmen walk through a field towards the camera. Then there is a shot of a man and woman sitting on the bank over-looking the river.


There is another shot from the bank looking across the river.

Title-F.S. Vosper Master.

There are further shots of members of the party walking along the bank.

Title-The Drag Cuts a corner.

The dogs are in a huddle sniffing at the ground and then they run off. A man is down by the river digging in the bank with his stick; other people wait around.

Title-The Hawkstone O.H.

Title-Meet at Lampeter R. Teifi, July 1937.

Title-Pip Stainer, joint master and hon. Sec.

Two men stand at a gate while the hounds file in past them.

Title-Bill Porter, Whip.

Title-Daphne Moore alias `Heu Craze'.

The dogs are all tearing at something that can't be seen but it is most likely an otter. The men stand around and watch.

Title-Verdict Swimming Otter.

Two hounds swim around in the lake.




The previous few shots were of some of the hounds in the pack.

Title-Levit Excels on Drag.

A dog rolls around on the ground while the members of the hunting party stand on a hill looking around and then they wade across a river.

Title-Hound Swimming their otter.

The hounds chase an otter in the water and this is followed by a man who wades out into the river up to his chest. More of the party wade into the water and then there are shots which capture the members having a break and standing along a country road.

Title-A few members Mrs Stanier nearest camera.

She looks at camera.

Title-Meet on R. Clettwr.

Title-The Earl of Coventry Joint Master & Huntsman.

A man stands in the midst of all of the hounds as they jump up and down on him.

Title-Few of the field saw this kill up a mountain side!

The pack of hounds tears an otter apart.

Title-Lunch Rosemary Wynne Edwards, Major Blew Lloyd Davies at back.

The hunt party all sit on the ground and lean against a hedgerow eating sandwiches.

Title-Lord and Lady Coventry Mrs Stainer, Capt and Mrs Wallace in back.

More shot of the people eating.

Title-Close up of Pip Stanier and Powell.

There is a close-up of two men, who smile and hold their drinks up to the camera,

Title-The Pembroke & Carmarthen O.H.

Title-East Cleddau tidal water above Pembroke.

Shots of the huntsmen and members walking around, talking and smoking.

Title-Capt D.C Protheroe late master from 1906.

An older man stands on a road talking to another man and points behind him.

Title-Dunfriesshire OH on R. Tweed July 1938.

Title-Below Elibank.

The hounds cross the river with their master.

Title-At Makerstoun.

Shot from far away looking down onto a fast flowing river.

Title-End of day at Mertoun Bill Scott.

A man downs a bottle of beer and smiles at camera.

Title-Dumfriesshire OH on R. Tweed July 1939.

A group of women stand at the edge of the river and smile at the camera and this is followed by a shot of a group of men standing in a row and looking into the forest.

Title-Above Mertoun Otter vents several times.

There is a shot from the opposite side of the river looking at the hounds racing through the water to the other bank. The party stand around leaning on the sticks smiling and smoking.

Title-The Carlisle O.H Sunnygill Beck 1 Aug 1938.

A huntsman and a master have a pint of beer outside of a pub. They hold their glasses up to the camera and smile. Then they all disperse and carry on hunting. In one brief shot a man teases a dog by holding an otter over the dog's head as the dog tries to get it. There are shots of them all standing around and smoking.

Title-Hound van bus or cattle truck.

Some people are in the back of a truck which drives along a country road. They wave to others who are standing by the side of the road.