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NEFA 21777



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This film by railway enthusiast and filmmaker Chris Lawson shows steam engines and railway activity at the North Yorkshire Moors heritage railway.

The film begins with a steam engine coming through Grosmont[?] station [quite dark] on the famous North Yorkshire Moors line.

Next a steam train approaches the camera placed on a trackside vantage point, with plumes of smoke and steam coming out of the engine's chimney. Passengers look out from the open windows of the carriages, [fairly dark].

Another trackside view shows a steam train disappearing into the distance. A high angle view shows the village and station at Grosmont. A steam train crosses the village level crossing, then the small bridge before entering the tunnel. The engine is no. 3395 a Q6 Raven 0-8-0.

The film cuts to a close up of a car steering wheel, probably due to accidental operation of the camera. A  fairly dark view follows of a steam train coming over a bridge with a single carriage and brake van. A trackside view along a number of lines shows the same train as it goes past.  At the same location another engine leaves with smoke billowing out of the chimney against a setting sun. A similar view follows as another engine goes past lit by the setting sun. 

The film ends with the sun behind the camera this time, showing a station and its covered footbridge, a steam train reverses through pulling a passenger train.