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YFA 3636



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This film shows the journey of the LNER 2005 and the NYNR 29 travelling from Pickering and passing Levisham for The Silver Jubilee in 1975. The train is decorated for the occasion and many members of the public arrive to see the train pass by.

Pickering train station, a family watch as the train departs from the platform. People who are travelling on the train lean out of the windows. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway train continues down the track as steam billows from its funnel. A passenger leaves the train; many people are gathered at the Levisham platform as the train approaches passing a signalling station. The train driver reaches out off his cabin and takes a hoop that is being held out by another employee. The train continues down the track as spectators on the platform take photographs. A man leans out of the carriage window as it travels away form the platform.
At another platform many people have gathered and are waiting for the train to arrive, another train waits at the station. The LNER 2005 pulls into the station and has been decorated with a sign - 'The Silver Jubilee' and also has several Union Jack flags and royal coat of arms attached to the front of the train. As many crowds gather to inspect the train, it departs and travels through the tunnel and past the plat form in front of many spectators, billowing clouds of steam.
The NYNR 29 travels through the tunnel and arrives at the platform. The train driver sits on top of the train and pulls a large swinging pipe into the train to fill with water.