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YFA 2845



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Taken during the summer of 1991, this film features countryside views from steam engines along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

The film opens with an old British Board of Censors title card followed by a title card reading AR Production and the dates of which the film takes place.

The film features many views of the station platforms, trains, people waiting and walking along the platforms, the rails themselves, and other machinery. There is a public warning sign, additional warning signs, and a few adverts.

Once on the train, much of the countryside can be seen as the train makes its way along the route. Passing through Levisham there are some people that can be seen along the sides of the tracks near the closed road crossing. The train continues through Newtondale Halt.

The conductor and engineer of the train can be seen aboard, and now that the train has stopped, the passengers dismount the train and head towards a bus parked near the station. There is a view of the town, the steam engine again, and construction workers working on the lines.

There is more of the countryside from the view of the train featuring some houses, churches, and buildings, but mostly those found on the outskirts of town. The train finally pulls into Grosmount, and an end title comes up closing the film.