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This film features developments and events on the North York Moors Railway between 1976 and 1979 with short sections preceded by intertitles.

Titles: 'North York Moors Railway News' 'Produced by JK Snowden' 'Edition Seven 1976'

Intertitle: 'First Regular Steam Train'
On Easter Sunday 1976, the first regular service to run from Pickering Station pulls out. The train is the 'Moorlander' pulled by steam locomotive George Stephenson (A767) - unique in being the only engine in its class to be fitted with Stephenson valve gear. The train pulls off watched by onlookers from the snow covered platform. The commentary notes that a service could only be run between Grossmont and Goathland because the exceptional dry weather had made Newtondale Forest a fire hazard. The green J52, which was the busiest locomotive that year, pulls out of a station. Near Stephenson Tunnel at Grossmont a new locomotive shed has been completed, and fitters are doing maintenance on a number of locos. A couple are observing from a viewing gallery and inspecting the model locomotive s on display.

Intertitle: 'October Enthusiasts Day'
On the 31st October there is a railway enthusiasts' day, and steam locomotives, such as a bright yellow and green locomotive named 'Salmon', are working at Goathland. Two long haired young men pass on the platform before the 'Lowlands' train arrives pulled by a T2 (2238, built in 1918). The locomotives are restored by the North East locomotive motive Preservation Group. Another train, the 'North Yorkshireman', arrives from the opposite direction, pulled by the 'George Stephenson (4767), and then departs after passengers get on and off. An original stone sleeper from George Stephenson's time (1836) is on display. Some people standing on the platform are taking photos. A diesel train is also running on the line. The trains get very busy in the afternoon, supervised by the line manager John Besford. Onlookers, including some youths in tartan trousers, are milling around the station, where the highlight is a special goods train pulled by steam locomotive 2392, followed by the 'Salmon' running through light.

Intertitle: 'Jubilee Trains'
On the 6th June 1977, special trains are run for the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations. The 'Lambton Tank' steam locomotive (29), watched by a large crowd on the platform, pulls a train into Pickering Station.

Intertitle: 'New Station Clock'
An historic station clock, made in 1910, has found a new home on Pickering Station where it hangs above one of the platforms.

Intertitle: 'New Crossing at Levisham'
A new automatic railway crossing is opened at Levisham Station in 1978 to replace the old hand operated one. This is now worked by an electric circuit, although vehicle drivers can operate it themselves if no railway worker is doing so. A demonstration of this is provided by the driver of a Mercedes car.

Intertitle: 'Link with British Rail'
An arrangement has been set up whereby North York Moors Railway passengers can transfer at Grossmont to B.R. trains. A diesel train arrives at Grossmont, and one departs, watched by a couple of young train-spotters, whilst a steam engine waits just outside the station.

Intertitle: 'Greene King on the North York Moors Railway'
At the end of 1978, former Southern Railway locomotive the 'Green King' - as it was subsequently named (Class 'S', 841, built in 1936) - run for a period on the NYMR line. It backs onto a train in the station and pulls out, followed by a diesel (Class 24) leaving Grossmont.

Intertitle: 'Enthusiasts Day October 1979'
On 14th October 1979, a Steam Gala is held at Pickering Station. The 'Green King' takes a train of rail enthusiasts to Grossmont. Another train, pulled by a T2 (2238), arrives at Grossmont Station whilst a light engine passes going in the other direction. At the station a train receives attention from some fitters. Among the other steam locomotives working trains are the 'Lambton Tank' (062T) and a J52 (247).