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YFA 3476



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This film traces the development of the North York Moors Railway Society from 1967 to 1972. Each short section is preceded by an intertitle.

Title: 'J.K. Snowden Presents: North York Moors Railway News Composite Edition', 'Narrated, produced and directed by JK Snowden'

The film begins at Grosmont. Here the Chairman of the newly formed (1967) North York Moors Railway Preservation Society, Fred Stewart (a railwayman since 1920), is chatting with others.

Intertitle: 'Diesel Rail Car at Grosmont'
Two young members of the Society, Simon Boak and Peter Lamming, take a look around their first acquisition, a small rail bus (W79978), bought from British Rail.

Intertitle: 'The Sponsored Walk'
On 6th October 1968, walkers of all ages, 130 in all, make their way up to the abandoned railway line just south of Goathland Station. On their eight mile walk they stop at Goathland Station for refreshments. They continue along the line with the finish at Derwent Tunnel in sight. They are signed in by Tom Summon, the Society Secretary. The first in is Robin Thompson, just 12 years old, of Whitby. £340 is raised.

Intertitle: 'Working on the Railroad'
At Grosmont Tunnel works begins on cleaning up the railway for the NYMR; volunteers are painting the crossing gates. Joe Brown, a permanent way inspector with British Rail, oversees the work. The work includes digging up weeds and repairing fences. Among the volunteers are Charlie Hart and Richard Elder from Newcastle.

Intertitle: 'Mirvale Goes On'
On 2nd February 1969, Pickering Goods Yard sees the arrival of the Society's first steam locomotive, Mirvale, an industrial saddle tanker built by Hudswell Clarke & Co. in 1955. Some local boys are helping out with preparations for it to be used, driven by Bill Hopkins, for general and light duties. The loco is seen close up and as it enters Newton Tunnel.

Intertitle: 'More Locos for the Line'
Again at Pickering Goods Yard, on 30 March 1969, two more locos get up steam to make the journey to NYMR headquarters in Goathland. Fred Stewart comes out of retirement to pilot one of the locos, named 'Salmon,' and Andrew Barclay pilots the other loco that comes from Newcastle. The engines, coupled together, make their way out of the sidings and pass through a station. There are children running along the platform. The smaller one overheats as it goes up the incline at Newton Dale.

Intertitle: 'Garden Fete at Goathland'
On 8th June 1969, a Gala Fete is held at Goathland to raise money for the line. People are wandering around looking at the stalls and chatting. Richard Rowntree, the Director of the Railway, his children, and other officials are in attendance. Parts of the track are for sale at ?3 a yard.

Intertitle: 'The Easter Steam Gala'
At Easter 1970, the steam railway opens to visitors, with the loco 'Salmon' taking passengers on a limited run from Grosmont to Ellerbeck, and a diesel railbus going from Goathland to Grosmont. Over three days more than ?1,100 is raised from over 4,000 passengers. There is also a miniature railway for children. 'Salmon' makes its way back from Ellerbeck pulling a single carriage.

Intertitle: 'Bigger Engines Arrive'
In 1971 at Grosmont Station more engines arrive to work the line. Built in Leeds, Loco 29 is an old 62T that worked in Durham. Loco 5 was built in Darlington. Adults and children watch from the platform as the trains depart.

Intertitle: 'Pickering Station Controversy'
Pickering Station is seen with a broken platform edge and broken windows. Pickering Council wanted to demolish the station, including the former goods yard, as part of their development plans for Pickering Beck.

Intertitle: 'August Gala'
At the August Railway Gala, 1972, visitors are arriving at Goathland Station, and some volunteers are working on the line. At Grasmont engines No. 29 and J27 are watched from the level crossing as they run up and down the line. The level crossings are opened and closed to allow the trains to depart and return to and from Goathland.