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Prolific Yorkshire filmmaker G.W. Gillott documents a trip down the Norfolk Broads, encountering places of cultural significance such as Norwich, Blakeny and Sheringham.

Title - Orford Films presents

Title - Finding England - Produced by G.W.Gillott
Title - North to Norfolk

Title - Picturesque lanes and pebble walls are out first impression of North Norfolk

The opening shots in this film show a windmill, village streets and various cottages decorated with flowers.

Title - To many holidaymakers North Norfolk spells the magic of the famous broads

Sail and motor boats naviagate through the broads, then from a motor boat, the filmmaker captures more holiday makers on their boats and riverside cottages.

Title - We enter the nacient city of Norwich through the gateways of history.

People walk through archaic arches in Norwich. Next, spectators line the pavements as a people dressed as Vikings, Romans and medieval knights parade down a street, while in the background, the 'Maids head hotel' can be made out.

Title - On market days Norwich displays its finest array of bright colours.

The filmmaker captures a square filled with market stalls, each of which have brightly coloured fabric roofs. Following this, standing before a grand old building, there is of a statue lion surrounded by flowers.

Title - Cromer is the largest of the picturesque north caost resorts.

By the sea, various shots of Cromer peir are superseeded by Cromer cathedral, and in the foreground there is a sign for 'Hotel de paris'. Cutting away from the minister, cars travel down a busy street in cromer, and a dog sits in a pram pushed by a child.

Title - At Sheringham, we find Norflolk's crab fisherman preparing a new boat for sea.

On the shores of Sheringham, a large group of fisherman haul a fishing boat towards the sea. This is followed by shots of men in naval uniforms climbing the beach, tourists walking along the waterfront, and two fisherman in knitted sweaters and caps chatting in front of the camera.

Title - Further along the coast lies Blakeney, quaintly situated on the salt marshes.

The opening shots in this scene depict a quiet village street in Blakeney, and a building on street has a pub sign which reads, 'Morgan'. There are then several shots of people motoring and rowing on a the Norfolk broads.

Title - From here we wend our way through tortuous creeks to Blakeney point, National trust sanctuary of the commom and little terns.

Following behind another motor boat, the camera, also on a motor boat, shows the journey through a creek and a man who steers the boat.

Title - At the extremity of the point, we find Mr.Reginald Gaze, bird watcher and photographer, delighting some young pupils.

On a wild beach bank, a group of young students sit listening to Mr.Reginald Gaze, who stands before them wearing weelington boots and baggy plaid trousers. Next, there are various shots of small birds, eggs, nests, and a woman holds one of the newbord birds up for the camera.

Title - We return to Sheringham in the evening to find this glorious coast at the hieght of its beauty.

From a beach, the filmmaker captures an expansive view of the sea, which includes a battle ship anchored off shore. The final shots show the sun setting over the horizon.

Titile - The end.