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YFA 2787



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This is a film which includes footage of the fishing boats around the coastal area of Flamborough Head, the fishermen and their daily catch, and the climmers collecting birds eggs from the Bempton cliffs.

The film begins with shots of Flamborough Cliffs. Fishermen drag boats up the steep, cobbled beech. They take their catch from the boats and unload the fish onto the beach, laying them out to dry. The men then push the boats back into the water to continue fishing. Donkeys are used to transport the fish which fill baskets strapped to the donkey. They continue to unload the fish from the boats and lay them out on the beach to dry out on the steep incline of the North Landing. All the fishermen are dressed in traditional oilskins.

Next, the climmers are at the top of Bempton Cliffs. (There were four men in an egg gathering gang, one suspended by the rope, who climbed down to collect the eggs, signalling by a handline and using his feet to keep himself from the cliff face and three at the top. It was on these three men, and the strength of the rope, that the climber depended. Of course the rope was carefully examined each time, but the cliff's razor sharp flints could fray it, and lumps of loose chalk or flint, knocked out of place by startled birds, could fall and hit the climber, so that most of them wore thick head coverings.)

There are shots of the climmers being pulled up the cliff, and close up shots of the crowds gathered to watch the egg gathering. The climmers are dressed in metal helmets and climbing gear. Once they bring up a batch of eggs, the crowd quickly gathers around to see the eggs. Many of them are dressed in fur coats and hats.

The climmers make yet another decent, and there is a shot of the cliffs around which many birds fly. The crowd examines the eggs in the basket, and the film ends with a man hanging from a rope climbing down from the top of the cliff.