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NEFA 22307



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Mute Tyne Tees Television footage of floods in the market town of Morpeth in 1963 when the River Wansbeck burst its banks and people were evacuated from their homes.

General views of flood water from the River Wansbeck flowing towards Telford Bridge and St George's Church and surging across a pedestrian bridge. The flood water has overtopped the banks of the river and reaches the houses.

A woman peers from an upstairs window above the G.R. Gibbon petrol station and garage on Bridge Street. 

A van tries to make its way along a flooded road. Some men and a policeman try to push a stalled car along a flooded street. A mechanic is checking the engine of a G.R. Gibbon & Sons van also stuck in the flood water. Another stalled car is pushed through the water as a crowd of Morpeth locals watch from further up the hill of the main street. More cars try to negotiate the flooded street. 

Two women wade through the water as does a school boy in wellies. 

A man is rescued by rowing boat. An elderly woman gets a fireman's lift as she is evacuated from her house, with a smile on her face. A neigbour watches from the doorstep of his flooded house. 

Three men row a rescue dinghy along a street. A man watches from his bedroom window. 

Two abandoned cars are submerged up to their windows in another part of town. A policeman and two men stand on the back of a lorry awaiting rescue by dinghy. Portrait shot of one of the men. 

As flood water surges through the town, more rescues take place. A policeman is chairlifted through the water by two colleagues. Some elderly women are rescued and lifted into a van. 

Stoker's shop is under water. A greenhouse is marooned in the water, which reaches up to the bow windows of a terrace of houses. The news item ends with a general view of another submerged terrace.