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Made by students at Norfolk School, Sheffield, this film documents a school trip to Scotland in May, 1978. The film includes travel to locations such as Lock Lomond and Glencoe.

Title - Norfolk School Presents A Week in Scotland 20-26 May 1978.

Two students, sitting together on the coach, are leaning against each other asleep. A boy stands in the aisle of the coach. He is wearing a t-shirt with a man wearing a kilt "Haggis Basher Scotland". A boy sitting at the front of the coach looks back down the aisle and smiles. A teacher sitting on the coach is leaning his head back against the seat sleeping, and the teacher next to him smiles while eating a snack. On the other side of the coach a teacher with curly hair and teacher wearing a purple shirt are laughing. The students on the coach smile and wave as the coach makes its way along the motorway. In their seats, the students talk to each other and pass magazines with cross word puzzles to each other.

The students sit on a hill eating a picnic together and drinking fizzy caned drinks as a teacher looks through a camera lens to take a photograph of them. Some of the students sit on a boulder next to a stream.

Through the coach window a sign is seen as they are driving down the motor way "M74 The North (Glasgow 14)".

Title - Lock Lomond.

The coach drives along the side of Lock Lomond. Cars are parked on the side of the road and boats are sailing on the water. The coach is parked next to Lock Lomond and the students walk around exploring.

Title - Glencoe - The Bunkhouse.

The accommodation the students are staying at is seen from a distance and consists of one white building separated from two white cottage style buildings with wooden porches. The property is surrounded by trees and mountains.

The students are given a lesson on how to wear and use a life jacket. In a large group the students set off on a hike along the lane and into a field. Three of them play on a swing rope attached to a tree. On the Lock a number of students are rowing canoes. One child is in the water and is learning how to get back into the canoe. The students lift their canoes out of the water and group together to have a photograph taken. In the distance mountain peaks are covered with snow.

Students and teachers paddle and swim in the river wearing their swimming costumes. The students are gathered watching a farmer 'dipping' sheep in a pen and trough filled with water and solution.

Title - Ben Nevis.

Students and teachers are gathered together on the side of the mountain. They are all wearing hiking equipment as they look at the river and valley below. The group of students continue on their route up the mountain. On the peak of the snow covered mountain the students stand huddled together wearing brightly coloured water proof clothing. The students have a snow fight. The teachers walk around the summit to the sign post. Views from the summit. Students slide down the snow slope on their backs. The students descend from the summit down the snow slopes and rocks.

A group of students are learning to sail on the lock. A boy wearing a brown jumper holds up a large frog. A man in a canoe rows on the lake around the students sailing the boat. The students bring the boat into land and take off their water proof clothes.

The students sit around a camp fire as the teacher plays the guitar.

The film ends as the students board the coach to go home.

Title - The End.