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YFA 4914



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Taken on 27th June, 1970 at East Cottingwith Church, this is a good quality film of an early 1970s wedding, especially of the old tradition of throwing coins at a wedding for the local children.

The film opens as three bridesmaids emerge from a house.  They are followed by the birder and her father.  Following the ceremony, the newlyweds pose outside the church as guests leave after the ceremony.  More photos are taken as locals look on.  Then, the guest throw coins into the street, the local children scrambling to collect them.  The couple then get into their own Morris Hillman car which is decorated with tin cans.  The film closes with footage of the reception where there are more photographs being taken.  One woman, dressed in a mini-skirt and holding a baby, joins the family line up for a photo.