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YFA 2523



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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following film is a NCB film about the danger of working with loud noise in coal mines.

Title - NOISE

Dramatising the effect of loud noise in the workplace, a narrator explains through illustrated diagrams how different sound levels travel through air and are received by the ear.

A demonstration of the varying decibels (dB) is shown through the use of footage taken of a two people talking (40dB), a bus driving by (100bB), and a plane flying closely overhead (140dB).

The narrator uses this to explain how it is the same in the workplace, as footage of men using mining machinery not unsafely is shown. Going through the different kinds of machines used for mining, it is explained how important it is to wear and follow the safety instructions given to them. If this is not followed then in later life partial deafness is likely. An example of this is shown through an elderly man who is sat in a pub, as people talk to him the sound is muted. Extensive diagrams of the inner ear and frequency graphs are also used to illustrate how hearing loss can occur.

Title - Reduce at Source, Modify Noise Path, Isolate Listener.

Showing the miners working safely now, the narrator goes through each of the workers highlighting the most important things to remember when working with loud noise in the pit, and workers should always wear ear muffs and avoid long periods in loud noise.

Title - Made by the NCB Film Unit 1980