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YFA 985



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This film records the work of a local grocery store in Market Weighton.  The film was made by the owner of the store. 

The film begins with a statue of two lions, followed by the title:
‘The House of Lyon, Grocers since 1802. At your service.  A glimpse into the past. A peep at the day-to-day working of this old established Market Weighton firm.  Cast:  the staff of Thos. G. Lyon & Son.  Director: H. W. Lyon.  Technical Advisor: J.A.J. Hay. Photographer: Tom Greenwood.’

The films shows a poster for Mary Lyon, Family Grocer, Market Place, Market Weighton, and an order form 1973 for William Lyon.  This is followed by photos of the front of the store, from 1914, 1924, and 1930, as well as the inside and outside in 1932, before going live to the present shop showing the stocks of food on display.  The shop workers are seen at work behind the tiled counter.  Some of the items shown include: ‘Rinse’, ‘Omo’ and Fairy Snow’. In the freezer ‘Birds eye’ products can also be seen.

Intertitle: ‘Lyon’s travellers make an early start’    Two shop vans leave – they have ‘Rely on Lyon’ painted on the side – and head towards a road sign for Howden, Broomfleet and N Cave.  One of the vans pulls up in a street, and a man with a briefcase gets out and goes into a house.  Another road sign shows the A614 with the second van passing.  The man gets back into the first van and the man visits another house which has a garden.  At another house, the man is shown collecting money from a woman inside the house, and looks to be selling several products before leaving.  (The woman in the film is Edna, the filmmaker’s daughter.) 

Intertitle: ‘Orders are assembled and packed ready for dispatch’  A woman is shown behind the counter putting Macfarlane and Langs Bourbon biscuits into bags and weighing them.  Then various wrapped items are placed into a box.  Next mushrooms are weighted, cheese cut and bacon sliced.  Behind the scenes many shop assistants are busy packing boxes for delivery.  Each box has a hand written list of items.

Intertitle: ‘Loads of satisfaction for lots of customers’  The boxes are loaded onto the back of a small lorry.  The lorry leaves with its load, and we see one of the vans pass the Hotham Arms pub.  The lorry delivers a box to a customer.

Intertitle: ‘Behind the scenes. Preparing for busy days ahead’  The shop assistants are busy weighing and bagging flour and sugar and cutting up large pieces of lard. A man is taking inventory in a warehouse, counting boxes of canned produce and bags of Sow and Weaner ‘Blue Cross’.

Intertitle: ‘Office Work in Progress’  Two men examine some brushes, and several other men who are working on various papers and accounts.  A woman on a switchboard takes a call, and there is a room with several other women doing administrative tasks.  One woman is printing and stamping paper sheets.

Finally, the statue of the lions is shown again with the logo ‘Rely on Lyon’.