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YFA 983



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This is a film taken by H. W. Lyon of Market Weighton Railway Station and sidings just before they closed.  The second half is filmed by Tom Greenwood as they were being demolished.

The film begins at a level crossing where several cars wait for a steam engine, (43133) pulling a small train of coal wagons, to pass.  Then a British Rail advertisement is shown for weekend tickets.  Two young girls walk towards Market Weighton Railway Station, and Market Weighton West level crossing is shown.  Here the signalman closes the crossing and pulls a signal off.   A diesel passenger train passes by, and the film shows the lines and sidings nearby.  An empty Market Weighton Station is shown with the adverts on the platform, including one titled, ‘Explore the Yorkshire Coast by Train’.  Another passenger train passes through and one person is shown waiting on the platform.  The film scans the ticket booth with two workers posing for the camera.  Another train arrives, and the two children leave accompanied by a woman.  Outside a railway worker loads boxes onto a truck.  At 1.18 pm the signalman pulls off a signal (semaphore) and another train arrives. 

A British Rail Notice is shown announcing the closing of freight depots on 1st November 1965, including Market Weighton.  The steam engine (43133) is again shown shunting empty wagons.  A shunter jumps on to the side of the engine with his shunting pole, followed by some fly shunting and the shunter waiving to the driver whilst walking along some sleepers (without any vest).  More fly shunting with the shunter walking besides the wagons carrying a break stick, and he then rides on the steps of the engine.  By the side of the railway where the coal is stored, a man, possibly the engine driver, is shown leaning on a fence.

The Station Master comes out of his office and a diesel (D234) hauled mixed passenger and freight train pulls in with passengers waiting on the platform.  The train moves off past the signal box.  Then the film switches back to more shunting with locomotive 62005.  Sacks of vegetables are being loaded into a goods wagon.  Finally the goods train departs with the guard in the Guards van at the back.

At a snow-covered station, a train pulls in with passengers getting on and off.  A British Rail notice is shown announcing the withdrawal of passenger services between Hull, Beverley and York on 29th November, 1965.  The notice detailing which stations will be affected is shown in close-up.

A girl is playing on a rocking horse outside in the snow and is joined by her mother.  A guard, carrying a couple of paraffin lamps, walks along the side of the track and a sign showing York 23.  A train passes by under a tunnel.  Back at the station a porter pulls a trolley loaded with mail and poses by the Market Weighton sign.  A train passes through.  Then, on another day with the snow cleared, a packed station watches as a steam engine arrives pulling a passenger train.  Lots of people crowd around the LNER engine ‘Great Marquess’ (3442), whilst it fills up with water. A diesel train passes before the ‘Great Marquess’ and is shown attached to another steam engine.  The two engines are then shown pulling a long passenger train filled with people, as it moves off into the distance. 

A wreath is pinned up underneath the sign for Market Weighton Station.  This scene is followed by the demolition of the footbridge over the Station, the Station, and the dismantling of a railway bridge.  The film ends showing a section of track with just the sleepers and base plates, minus the rails.