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NEFA 22114



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An amateur film made by Raymond James Paiton of the Northumbrian Motor Club rally taking place around Northumberland. Beginning at Anglers Arms at Weldon Bridge near Morpeth competitors head off in the Northumbrian countryside. Along a country road two women and a man stand chatting, the man playing with a large flag. Around a bend a number of cars drive past and the film ends on a group in a field competing in a game of tug-o-war.

The film opens on a view the Anglers Arms at Weldon Bridge and a number of cars parked nearby. Along the road beside the pub a number of cars, including a Jowett Javelin, a Ford Pilot, and an Alvis(?) drive up to a road sign and turn left slowly, a small crowd watches nearby. More cars pull out of the pub car park, including an Austin 12, a Wolseley 6/80 (or 4/50), and a Sunbeam Talbot move onto the road making their way to the junction. A woman in the passenger seat of the last car waves at the camera. On the wall of the pub a view of the ‘Anglers Arms’ sign.

The film changes to a country road where two women and a man stand beside a car, a flag flutters in the wind from the driver’s side. The man raises a large flag, waves it in the before dropping it down to the ground. The two women stand beside the car chatting and petting a Terrier dog being held by the younger woman.

A Jowett Javelin comes around a bend in the road and drives past. Other cars, include a Ford Pilot, a Ford Prefect, a Sunbeam Talbot, a Wolseley, and a MG Y series, follow on behind including the car seen above with a flag flying from the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The film ends in a field and two teams of men compete in a game of tug-o-war.