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NEFA 22113



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An amateur film made by Raymond James Paiton of a Northumbrian Motor Club rally taking place around Northumberland. The film begins at the Anglers Arms at Weldon Bridge near Morpeth where male and female drivers prepare for the start of the rally. Cars leave one at a time and arrive at a checkpoint along a country road where they perform a reversing manoeuvre. More views shows the vehicles travelling through the rural landscape and crossing a ford and the film ends with them arriving at the finish in the grounds of a large country house.

The film opens on a number of cars, including a Morris Minor convertible and an early Fifties Riley, parked outside the Anglers Arms at Weldon Bridge. Drivers and navigators stand nearby looking at maps.

An open top pre-war vintage car pulls away and those on board smile and wave at the camera. Other vehicles including an open top Morris Minor with a woman driver and three female passengers, pull away driving past the Anglers Arms. At a junction beside a road sign an official speaks with a driver before the car pulls away turning left. Back at the Anglers Arms more vehicles leave at the start of the rally, including another pre-war saloon, a Ford Pilot, and a Vauxhall 10.

The open top vintage car seen at the start of the rally slows and comes to a stop at a checkpoint where two officials are waiting. The film cuts to show an the open top Morris Minor reversing back towards the checkpoint and parking beside a white line painted on the road. A number of other vehicles, including a Jowett Javelin with its distinctive curved roof do the same with officials watching closely. Behind them along the road other vehicles wait for their turn to complete the reverse manoeuvre.

The four women in an open top Morris Minor look over a map while eating sandwiches. In another car a different woman looks out at the camera and smiles. A couple stand posing near to a number of parked cars, his arm over her shoulder. She puts a piece of food into his mouth and they both laugh.

The open top vintage car drives past along an inclined woodland road followed by series of other vehicles, including an Austin 10, and a rather large Austin Sheerline. The film cuts to another minor road beside a stone wall and other vehicles passing including the open top Morris Minor, and the Ford Pilot seen earlier.

The Morris Minor drives through a ford followed by a Sunbeam Talbot. Underneath the footbridge beside the ford a man pokes around in the wet ground looking for something while a small girl waking across the bridge looks down inquisitively. Three more vehicles drive across the ford, including an MG Y type saloon, and an Austin 10.

Beside a stone gate of a large country house a placard in the ground reads ‘Finish’. Sitting beside a small table in the driveway of the house two men look over a map as the Austin 10 comes along a tarmacked road followed by the open top vintage car. The film ends on the open top Morris Minor coming along the road followed by a number of other vehicles including a Wolseley 4/50, followed by the Austin Sheerline, the passengers waving at the camera as they pass.