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YFA 5595



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A family celebrates a girl's second birthday at the family home in Hull.

The first shots of this film are underexposed due to light from the window.  The film begins in a suburban front room where a blonde girl framed by the light from the window is sitting on the floor.  There are birthday cards on the window sill.  The girl is then seen sitting on the carpet with her toys including a toy tree house.  There is a brief shot of a woman with short brown hair and red top.

The film goes on to show the girl eating in a high chair. She is joined by an older boy who sits near eating from the same high chair table. The woman brings out a small white cake with two candles which the child proceeds to blow them out.  Next two boys are lying in front of the gas fire one is wearing a checked shirt.  Together they play with the aforementioned tree house.