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YFA 4065



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This is a film which shows the workers in the Rowntree’s factory in York.  The film highlights different stages of the production line, and the women at the packing stations sing Yorkshire rhymes.

Title – Number 116.
Title – Next Stop: York… Help yourself to some chocolates! By courtesy of Messrs. Rowntree Ltd. Gaumont Sound Mirror. 

Women singing Yorkshire rhymes whilst making boxes in the factory workshop.

Commentary leads the viewer through the Rowntree’s chocolate factory with people working on machinery. 

VO – Well I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed that and you’ll be pleased to hear that all the Rowntree’s girls sing at their work not only in the box making department.

However box making is really only a side line in a chocolate factory so let’s make your mouth water with some of the real stuff. There are all sorts of luscious sweets to be found in the various departments here with all kinds of centres to suit all tastes, covered with either plain or milk chocolate.

When your chocolate cream starts life it takes a trip on this conveyor belt which runs the centres over a chocolate base, afterwards passing through another machine which covers the centres entirely. Rather ingenious don’t you think? I always used to imagine they built the chocolate over coat first and then forced the cream centre inside with a hydraulic pump.

You’ve probably wondered at some time or another how these delightful little wiggly things get on the top of a chocolate. And now you can see that it’s all done by hand.

There’s no girl like a Yorkshire girl for dexterity and quickness in squishing out the swirls of rich chocolate. At least that’s what they say. Fascinating to watch isn’t it?

Many of the chocolates are covered with foil. And this is when the foiling machine comes into its own. The skilful fingers of each of these machines are capable of wrapping up one chocolate each every second of the day. See the foil on the roll? Then cut to size before being wrapped round the chocolate by the brushes. And last of all, the whole thing sliding down the chute to the waiting boxes at the bottom.

And that takes us back to the packing room. And I shouldn’t be surprised if we find the girls still singing.

Women pack chocolates in the factory workshop singing the Yorkshire rhymes. Different varieties and shapes of chocolate boxes move down the conveyor belt.