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YFA 2305



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This is a film of the activities and performances put on during the Newton Chamber’s Festival Week in 1951.  Festivities include performing dogs, a high-wire act and a fireworks display.

Title –  Newton Chambers Festival Week 1951

The film begins at cricket match with both teams dressed in Victorian cricket outfits including top hats, bow ties and black belts.  Then there are women dressed in Victorian costume dancing together in pairs.  On the stage, a man does an act with performing dogs, including poodles in dresses walking on their hind legs.  He is assisted by a woman and a man dressed as a clown.  This is followed by a comedy act of men riding odd bicycles and trick cycling, and then trapeze artists perform several high-wire acts.  Lastly, there is a spectacular fireworks display filmed at night, which ends by spelling out ‘Good Night from NC’ in fireworks.