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This Tyne Tees Television Newsview feature for Young World, originally broadcast on 10 December 1964, documents the daily working life of the new Sunderland Association Football Club (AFC) manager, George Hardwick (a former Middlesbrough and England captain known as "Gentleman George") – from office work to the Saturday football league match at the team’s Roker Park home ground. Sunderland were in Division One for the 1964-1965 season.

George Hardwick locks his car at the Sunderland Association Football Club ground. He signs a young football fan’s programme.

In his office, Hardwick checks the mail and makes phone calls.

He calls into the physiotherapy room at the club where an injured player (possibly Jimmy Montgomery, the Sunderland goalkeeper?) lies on a treatment couch. Hardwick chats to Johnnie Walker, the Sunderland physiotherapist. There are close-ups of the faces of the three as they talk.

Out on the football pitch, the 1st and 2nd teams train with two senior trainers, including Brian Clough, who oversees the youngsters. Hardwick gets together with the 2nd team youngsters to discuss tactics and play for matches. The team then practice those moves on the pitch. Hardwick then leaves the pitch for another stint in the office.

Exterior shot of Sunderland AFC offices.

Back in the empty football arena stands, Hardwick walks down an aisle to meet with Sunderland’s chief scout, Charlie Ferguson. They discuss the trial applicants list. Hardwick then heads back to his own office. Hardwick works in his office in the afternoon.

The next sequence features highlights of a Saturday league match at home at Roker Park (against either Burnley or Everton). Match footage is intercut with shots of George Hardwick, wearing a sheepskin coat, watching the first half of the match from the Director’s Box and reacting to play. Sunderland’s number 9 scores a goal, the crowd celebrating in the stands. The opposing team’s goalkeeper collects the ball from the back of the net.