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Tyne Tees Television Newsview magazine item on the teenagers who queue outside the Newcastle Odeon for tickets to see the Rolling Stones pop group in concert on 18th September including an interview with Mr Kim Batty, the Newcastle Ballroom manager. This item was originally broadcast on  27 August 1964.

Reporter Tony Bradley ironic (or patronising?) piece to camera about the "social phenomenon" of a "bunch of long-haired, latter day minstrels" by the name of the Rolling Stones. He considers how young the children are following new groups. "For as each new group twangs and screams its way to the top, the average age of the followers drops." Bradley interviews some of the youth prepared to queue for two days for tickets and asks why.

Reporter Tony Bradley interviews Mr Kim Batty, the Newcastle Ballroom manager, an expert on new music in the North East, quizzing him about the appeal to young girls of the new groups, and whether he thinks the behaviour is unhealthy. Kim Botty believes the attraction is down to sex appeal, and that the modern generation just need to "let off steam".  He doesn’t think the music will breed a race of musical illiterates.  He thinks the long haired groups are the most popular.  Reporter Tony Bradley sums up the magazine feature.