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YFA 5758



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This is one of a series of television advertisements produced for the Yorkshire Post in the early 1970s, aiming to promote the paper as a national, and not just a regional, newspaper.  Several of them, like this one, feature the actors Yootha Joyce and Tommy Godfrey.

The advert begins showing the outside of a newsagents where there is a sign which reads, “Under New Management.”  The new proprietor, played by Tommy Godfrey, stands behind the counter where he is reading Yorkshire Post.  He wonders out loud how anyone can read a newspaper with such lot of material in it, even on farming.  His wife, played by Yootha Joyce, meanwhile stands on the other side of the counter.  A dog comes in with a tag on it for a Yorkshire Post, which she places in his mouth.  Then another customer comes in wanting a copy, and wondering what the racing correspondent, The Duke, has written.  The ad ends with some comic banter between the couple.