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Sponsored by the National Dock Labour Board, the 1955 Newlands Football Cup Final match was between competing Dock Workers teams from Goole and Swansea.  The film features extensive highlights of the match and includes footage of the post match dinner party and trophy award ceremony. 

Titles:  ‘The Newlands Cup Final 1955.’  ‘35 teams from 21 ports entered the competition.’  ‘Goole and Swansea reached the final.’  ‘Lord Crook, Chairman of the National Board, with Mr Arthur Bird, Chairman Welfare Committee, welcomes the finalists.’

The two teams are lined up opposite each other in the centre circle, and the team captains introduce Lord Crook and Mr Arthur Bird to the players.  Lord Crook and Mr Arthur Bird also shake hands with the officials.  

Intertitle:  ‘Goole: Red and White Quarters – Swansea: Green and White stripes’

The captains meet in the centre circle, and the referee tosses a coin.

Intertitle:  ‘Mr Hugh Newlands, donor of the cup, kicks off’ 

It is Goole to kick off, with Mr Hugh Newlands doing the honours by kicking the ball backwards rather than forwards.  A line of spectators watch the game.  Some are seated on the side while others stand behind the goal where there are some marquees.  Swansea’s team attacks, but the shot on goal goes wide.  The Goole defence has to withstand a number of attacks from Swansea before they break away and score.

Intertitle:  ‘Goole scored first.’  

More football action follows, mostly with Swansea having the most attacks.  The Swansea goalkeeper is injured, but he recovers after treatment.  Swansea continues to press forward with some desperate defending from Goole.

Intertitle:  ‘Then Swansea equalized.’ 

The Swansea players gather around to congratulate the player who has scored the goal.  This is followed by more footage of the match. 

Intertitle:  ‘Half Time Score:  Goole 1 Swansea 1’ 

Goole leave the field at half time, while Swansea remains, seated on the pitch.  Members of the St John Ambulance look on whilst spectators have their break standing around the marquee.  Some of them drink cups of tea.  The second half gets underway while spectators look on from behind the Goole goal.  The Goole team does most of the pressing.

Intertitle:  ‘In the second half Goole scored again.’ 

The game has resumed with Swansea on the attack, forcing a corner.

Intertitle:  ‘Swansea failed with a Penalty kick.’ 

The Swansea player who takes the penalty kick hits the bar with the ball.  Goole have a couple of more attacks.  Traffic can be seen passing by on the main road behind the Swansea goal.  The camera changes position for a while to film from behind the Swansea goal before going over to the other touchline.

Intertitle:  ‘Towards the end Goole scored their third goal.’ 

From a position right up close on the touchline, Goole can be seen scoring a goal, and afterwards Swansea scramble the ball off the line.  More action follows.

Intertitle:  ‘Final Score, Goole 3 Swansea 1.’ 

At the end of the match, the players shake hands, and some of the crowd come on to congratulate them before the players make their way off the field. 

Intertitle:  ‘And so to the Annual Football Dinner.’ 

A pub sign for The Paviour Arms shows a workman holding a pavement maul. 

Intertitle:  ‘Mr Arthur Bird introduces . . .’  

Inside the pub Mr Arthur Bird speaks to a packed, smoky room of men in formal dress, sporting their club badges, and sitting at tables with bottles of beer.

Intertitle:  ‘Mr R H Senior, D.S.O., T.D., who proposes a toast to the ‘Welfare of Dock Workers’.’ 

Another man makes speech to the packed room.  This is followed by Mr Arthur Bird again, making what seems to be an amusing speech for which he gets a round of applause.

Intertitle:  ‘Mr A J Cratchley, National Welfare Officer, proposes toast – ‘the players’.’ 

Mr Cratchley makes his toast which is followed by more contributions.

Intertitle:  ‘The Newlands Cup is presented to Goole.’ 

The cup is presented to the team Captain to a round of applause. Then each player comes up in turn to receive his trophy of a small cup and a plaque.

Intertitle:  ‘The Goole Captain, K Broadley, replies.’ 

The Goole club Captain stands to make a speech to applause.

Intertitle:  ‘The Captain of Swansea, T Hilton, replies.’ 

The Swansea club Captain makes a humorous speech which receives applause.

The End