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This film features a variety of sports and races as well as camping and sailing.  The final section of the film, made two years previously, is a dramatized comical of a devil and an angel in competition to see if the boy they follow will listen to one of them or the other.  A score is kept throughout the film with good triumphing in the end.  This film was made after September, 1969 because this was the time Newfield School went comprehensive.  The newly named red building can be seen in the background of the golfing scenes. 

Title – Newfield School City of Sheffield Education Committee

Some of the students walk down a private road near the hills of the school and make their way to sections of field where they will be golfing outside.

Title – Golf

On the hills by the school the boys are being instructed on how to golf.  One of the boys makes a hole in one while the other students around him practice putting.

Title – The Race

Boys from the school participate in go-kart race on a small street near the school.  Spectators are lined up on either side of the road cheering on the different drivers.  Most of the competition is filmed from the sharp bend on the track.  Only some of the boys are actually able to make it around the curve without toppling over. 

The next race begins and the spectators take seats on the hill overlooking the racetrack.  A running race begins, and a teacher provides commentary from a desk with a microphone.  The scoreboard is shown:  Barlow 2, Grove 10, Rufford 13, York 10.  There is a Competitors Enclosure for the athletes awaiting their races.  A gun fire signals the beginning of the next race which involves hurdles.  Some of the boys dramatically collapse in exhaustion after they have completed their race.  Other track and field events include the high jump, pole vault, the shot-put, and the relay race.  York house wins with a score of 119.  The team results are applauded.  This section of the film ends with a brief shot of the clean up efforts after the sports day event. 

Title – Camping
Title – Sailing
Title – Midhope Hall Farm

Some of the boys on the camping trip wash their faces at the wash basin while others set up their tents.  The faculty chaperone inspects the tents to make sure they have been set up properly.  Jokingly, all fifteen of the boys pile in to one small tent and come rushing out upon inspection. 
Off on a hike, the teacher holds the map and points out directions and instructs on orientation techniques.  Back at camp, some of the boys peel potatoes in preparation for the evening meal.  Most of the supplies are tinned goods, but there is also bacon, eggs, and Sugar Puffs cereal available.  The boys sit together and enjoy their meal.
At the end of the trip, they all pack up their tents and the rest of camp.  With full packs, the boys walk down the road.  Now at a lake with a sailboat ready to go into the water, the boys raise the sail and launch the boat.  All the boys wear life jackets and take turns sailing.  One of the boats nearly tips over, but the sailors lean all the way backwards to keep the boat afloat. 

Title – The End

The next portion of the film is a fiction film which involves a Boy, a Devil, and an Angel.

The film beings with a boy standing in the field by the school holding up a sign:  I Am Boy.  Next to him an Angel appears with a sign:  I am ½ Boy.  And on the other side a Devil appears with a sign:  So Am I. 

At Newfield School, for what appears to be the last day, two boys walk down the road away from the school.  A teacher is standing in the doorway saying a goodbye as the students exit.  The Boy from the beginning runs down the road and kisses his hand waving goodbye at the school in celebration.  He then contemplates his next move at which time the Angel and Devil appear next to him. 

Later on the Boy walks near Meersbrook Park where there is a sign advising to keep off the grass.  He kicks the sign and stubs his toe.  In obvious pain he limps off.  The Angel picks up the sign to return it to its original position in the grass.  A scoreboard shows Devil 1, Angel 0.

In the next scene the Boy is sitting on a park bench when the Devil appears next to him with two cigarettes.  Going along with him the Boy tries to smoke, but coughs as he realizes his mistake.  The Angel holds a sign informing him “Fags A’int Good Fer Yer.”  A flash shows a graveyard in the rain where the Boy would have a grim future.  (The cemetery is located on Derbyshire Lane.)

The Boy walks with a girl, and they set up for a picnic.  They both each sandwiches, chat, and begin to kiss.  The angel creates a wind which blows the rubbish leftover from their picnic back in their direction, and the young girl slaps the boy on the face for going too far before she runs off.  The Angel gives the Devil a “thumbs up” as the Boy packs up to leave.  The scoreboard now shows Angel 1 Devil 3.

The Boy walks along, and the Devil tempts him to play a game of cards with another boy set up at a small table drinking Martinis.  The Boy not only loses all his money, but he even loses the shirt off his back.  As it turns out, the card player was cheating.  He and the Devil shake hands as he reveals four aces attached to the inside of this sport coat.  The scoreboard now shows Angel 2, Devil 3

At the Cross Scythes pub on Derbyshire Lane, the Boy tries to enter with a few of his mates. The able appears with a sign:  RU 18?  Realizing they are not of age, the students turn and walk away from the pub.  The scoreboard now shows an even score. 

At a phone box in the Thorpe House Estate, the Devil appears and tries to tempt the Boy to tamper with the phone.  Nearby there has been a car accident, and one of the witnesses is running towards the phone box hoping to call for help.  Luckily the Boy has not tampered with the phone and is able to aid in getting help for the accident.  The scoreboard now shows Angel 4 Devil 3.

In a car park, the Boy walks around and tries many cars looking for an unlocked door.  He finds one and takes the red car for a ride.  Little does he know, the owner was underneath fixing the car.  The Devil pops out of the boot of the car, and the Angel appears, stops the Boy, and tells him to go back.  The scoreboard is now Angel 5 Devil 3.

In the city centre of Sheffield, the Boy sees a young girl sitting on a bench.  The Boy goes over to her to chat her up, and they walk away together.  There is a montage of road signs and babies walking or in strollers around the city.  Realizing the possibilities, the boy runs away with a final score showing Angel 6 Devil 3.

Title – The End – A Newfield Production