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This film features a number of events connected to the Newfield School during the 1968 academic year. Events include the school play Hobson's Choice, the band playing outside Sheffield City Hall, boat building, and a number of sporting events.

Title - City of Sheffield Education Committee Newfield Secondary School for Girls and Boys.
Newfield News '68 School Film Unit
Hobson's Choice

The film opens with the school production of Hobson's Choice filmed from the stage in the Newfield School for boys which has since been demolished. The stage curtains open up to reveal the actors on stage. They are dressed in Victorian style costume and act out various scenes in the play. The segment closes with the cast taking a final bow at the curtain call.

Title - The Band

The school brass band is playing on the steps just outside Sheffield City Hall. Many people have gathered around on the pavement to watch, and there is a sign announcing their performance from the Moving Telegraph which reads: Sheffield Illuminations, Carol Singing Today, Newfield Boys School 12:45pm. The steps of the City Hall have been decorated with Christmas Trees, and there are a few cameramen present filming the event. The streets of the city centre are also very busy during this holiday time with both traffic and pedestrians. And finally the crowd gathered applauds the boys at the end of the performance.

Title - Coventry
There is a shot of a modern city building from high up, and the students walk around the church ruins. The Sanctuary was built from 1373 onwards. A plaque on the wall also gives the history of the building. The boys sit and sketch the ruins, and upon coming out, A Christmas tree can be seen lit up in a civic building.

Title - Boat Building

A canoe is on display on the field just outside of the school. The canoe was made by a student, R. Cooper, of the Boys School in woodwork class. In the background, the Gleadless Valley Estate can be seen.

Title - Archery

The boys have gathered for an archery class during which the older students instruct the younger ones on the proper technique involved. The Girls School can be seen behind the archery target and the Boys School behind the aiming students.

Title - Sports Day

Everyone is out on the school fields, and there is a Joe's Ices van set up in the car park selling refreshments. The day consists of various track and field events such as Javelin and Discus and many different races. There is a competitors' enclosure made up of benches for athletes waiting to compete. During the Javelin competition, the Thorpe house estate can be seen in the background. On the scoreboard, there are four separate teams which were all the house names at the Boys school and were named after hunts. The scores are: Barlow 68, Grove 30, Rufford 85, and York 70.

Title - Clegg Final

The game is being played in the Norfolk Park Estate. The tower blocks which can be seen in the background have since been demolished. The match begins as the team captains shake hands at centre circle and the referee oversees the coin toss. Spectators have gathered to watch the match and stand along the edges of the field. The team in black and white striped uniforms win the game and are presented with a huge trophy at the end.

Title - Killarney

The school camping trip is in Ireland. On the camping site, a few tents are already set up, and the men chaperones raise a large flagpole in the centre of the campsite. Some of the boys are cooking over the bonfire and others run around the camp.
The group is all set for the day's hike, dressed in hats and boots, carrying backpacks, and many with cameras. When they make it into the hills, many go wading in the water. Some have even brought rafts.

Title - The Big Run

A large crowd of boys all gather near the starting line for the beginning of the big run. A gun is fired, and the race begins. The athletes race around the school and its grounds, and a crowd waits at the finish line to cheer on the winner. There are various heats of the race with the fastest time recorded. (The race itself takes place on the Newfield Site, and a few buildings can be seen in the background while the race is underway. The blue coloured building is the Girls School. The farm type building is a remainder of the Upper Cockshutt Farm on which the school was built.)

Title - The End.