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NEFA 20041



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An amateur film made by Alan Wharram which shows the preparation and parade of floats taking part in the Lord Mayor's Parade in Newcastle, in 1982. The film begins with views of parade members and floats preparing to leave and them travelling through the streets of Newcastle. The film ends with crowds dancing infront of the Civic Centre and the Lord Mayor of Newcastle handing out prizes to parade winners.

The film opens on a view of the Carillon Tower at the top of Newcastle Civic Centre. The camera pans down to the car park at the Civic Centre just off Sandyford Road and St Mary's Place where floats are gather in preparation for the Lord Mayor’is parade. General views of various floats travelling past the camera. A number are sponsored by a local organisations and businesses or are themed including Findus Foods (a Parisian theme), Tyneside Metro, Holiday Inn, an independent American Civil War themed float, Wimpey Homes, Enterprise City, Royal Navy as well as various car clubs.

The film cuts to the parade leaving the Civc Centre car park and proceeds along St Mary's Place. Floats that can be sen include the Girl Guides, morris dancers, DER Television Rental, the army, ‘Barnybus’ (Pre-School Playgroups Association), and motor cyclists. The procession passes Newcastle Polytechnic buildings. Progress moves along Northumberland Street, from Northumberland Road. High angle views along Percy Street shows more of the  parade including a procession of vintage cars passing Thorne's book shop. More general views of the parade follow from the vantage point over Percy Street. The parade starts to return to the Civic Centre. It moves from the Haymarket down St Mary’s Place (by St Thomas’s Church, south of the the Civic Centre). A float passes with the notice ‘Good Luck England – World Cup 1982’.

Those in the parade on foot make their way to the area near the council chamber at the civic centre. The Mayor and Mayoress watch the parade from a stand on St Mary’s Place. More general shots follow of the Mayor and Mayoress. The film cuts to marching bands and a 'walking' Metro train. A traffic warden and other 'marshalls' guides are seen with the parade. General views of a vintage car parade which includes a selection of Morris Minors from the North East Morris Minor club. Some of the themed entries, including the American Civil War float, seen previously makes their way along the access road towards the council chamber at the civic centre. A Tyne & Wear PTE open top bus proclaims on its side ‘100 years of public transport’ travels slowly past the platform where the Mayor and Mayoress wave at the participants. Motor bikes file past.

Crowds and parade participants continue to gather outside the Civic Centre, entertained by a brass band. General views of parade members, some in clown costumes, dancing to the music. A shot follows of a table laden with trophies. More general views of the crowd now gathering outside the civic centre. The mayor and mayoress talk with various parade members. The film cuts to the trophy table where a bearded gentleman gives a speech. The film ends with mayor and mayoress giving the prizes to winners of the parade.